Wait, Should I Buy Weed From My Dealer Or That New Dispensary On The Block? – Benzinga

This article was originally published on Cannabis.net and appears here with permission.

The question of where to get weed from should be expected to have a straightforward answer right? Wrong. For many cannabis users, this choice of where to get the desired product remains a big issue that many haven’t settled.  Some are unaware of the benefits that getting cannabis from a trusted source brings. Well not to worry, we will take you through the pros and cons of both sources. Ultimately, you should be able to decide after reading this article if you should buy your weed from your dealer or dispensary.

Sources of cannabis products

The emergence of legislation that allowed for recreational marijuana and medical marijuana promoted the growth of cannabis dispensaries. Before this period, the illegal classification of marijuana meant that it was sourced from illicit markets that are unregulated. Many cannabis users today grew to believe that dealers are the only available source of marijuana. However, the prominence of legal markets in different states in the country has opened up cannabis dispensaries as the accepted source.

Dealers have wrongly been seen by many as stoners who are by the roadside or in shady places exchanging ditch weed. The advent

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