Walterville man accused of shipping $1 million worth of marijuana out of state inside artificial boulders – The Register-Guard

A Walterville man is accused of shipping more than $1 million worth of marijuana to ­another state via UPS last week, packing the drugs inside artificial boulders he’d made.

According to Springfield police, Curran Millican Manzer, 36, a taxidermist and state-licensed pot grower, made a number of these shipments — at a cost of more than $500 per box — to another state where marijuana is illegal for a period of at least several months.

Police Lt. Scott McKee declined to identify the state and said the number of shipments still is being determined as part of an ongoing investigation. The ­federal Drug ­Enforcement ­Administration was ­assisting with the probe.

The $1 million shipment that Manzer is accused of consisted of six pot-filled boulders intercepted last week that police said contained 143 pounds of ­marijuana and 5 pounds of marijuana extract.

Although recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Oregon, the drug remains illegal ­under ­federal law, and shipping it across state lines is drug trafficking, which is ­prohibited under federal and state law.

Manzer faces state charges of felony laundering a monetary instrument, felony unlawful manufacturing of marijuana, and misdemeanor charges of unlawful delivery of marijuana and unlawful possession of marijuana. Additional charges were pending, McKee said.

Manzer is just the ­latest Oregonian accused of exploiting the state’s pot production boom to sell marijuana out of state.

“We’re only scratching the surface of what’s going on out there,” McKee said.

Police found no record that any of the homemade fiberglass boulders were being sold for a ­legitimate landscaping purpose or for use as a prop, McKee said. A Marion County sheriff’s K-9 trained to smell marijuana was brought in and indicated the presence of marijuana in the boulders, McKee said.

When the plywood bottoms were removed from the boulders,

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