Wanted! Dumb Criminals Steal Over $10,000 From Montana … – XL Country

A cannabis dispensary in Montana was robbed and local law enforcement needs your help to track down the suspects.

Criminal wearing black balaclava and hoodie in the dark



Clare Parsons is the owner of Wildfire Organics, a popular recreational cannabis dispensary in Belgrade, Montana. On Sunday, Parsons went to work to find that her business had been broken into and thieves got away with over $10,000 in products and merchandise. The robbery occurred before 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 9.

We were robbed tonight, at my little shop… here are the two guys that did it. One has red shoe laces on his shoes. if you recognize them please report immediately to Belgrade Police Department.

Parsons shared footage of the suspects captured on security cameras at Wildfire Organics. She estimates that approximately $10,000 worth of products were stolen. Do you recognize either of the suspects?

Scroll through the comments in the post above for footage of the suspects inside of the business. Parsons says she noticed that one of the thieves had red shoelaces on their shoes.

Unfortunately, the incident isn’t the first. In 2019, thieves broke into a Bozeman dispensary and stole over $20,000 in merchandise. Recreational cannabis dispensaries sold over $300 million in the first year

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