Washington State Officials Consider Massive Overhaul of Legal Marijuana Program

Washington State legalized marijuana in 2012, and now, nearly seven years later, state officials are proposing laws that would overhaul the legal marijuana system, including legalizing home delivery for patients and boosting minority ownership of marijuana businesses.

Rick Garza, director of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, told the Associated Press that the overhaul is being dubbed “Cannabis 2.0”.

“We’ve typically been so challenged with the issues of the day we haven’t been looking out long-term to determine what the future looks like,” says Garza, who notes that “Cannabis 2.0” is meant to give the state a clearer image of what the marijuana industry will look like in five years and beyond.

One issue the board is considering is abandoning the state’s seed-to-sale marijuana tracking program in favor of a system where businesses report their transactions to the board and are then audited. They’re also considering whether or not to allow marijuana exports, as Oregon has done.

According to the Associated Press, for the next session of the Legislature, the board has proposed two bills. One would create what some critics describe as a long-overdue “social equity” program, encouraging greater ownership of marijuana businesses by minorities, women

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