Watertown bans marijuana dispensaries despite public support – WRVO Public Media

Dozens of residents crowded Monday’s Watertown City Council meeting hoping to persuade the council members to allow local marijuana sales. Of the 27 people that spoke at the public hearing, 20 of them spoke in favor of dispensaries.

“It’s just crazy,” said one resident. “It’s here. It’s already here. People are already smoking it. Let us just go and get a legal substance from a safe provider.”

The resident added that if or when her children do start using cannabis, she’d rather them get it from a safe and regulated dispensary than anywhere else. Several residents there shared her sentiments, including Cliff Olney, who is running for the Watertown City Council.

“I think it’s pretty evident that people in Watertown are smoking pot, right?” said Olney. “It’s the question of where they’re getting it from. So if you want it to be safer, I would suggest we have a dispensary here in the city.” 

Some residents mentioned the economic benefits of opting in. 

“There is overwhelming evidence that marijuana dispensaries provide economic opportunities, improve the accessibility of medical marijuana and reduce rates of opioid addiction and death,” said one woman.

If the city of Watertown chose to allow dispensaries, they’d collect

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