We Went to the Opening Night Party for Woody Harrelson's New Dispensary – InsideHook

On Friday night, at chic restaurant in West Hollywood, Woody Harrelson celebrated the opening of his first marijuana dispensary, the appropriately named, The Woods WeHo. The 8,000-square foot store is located on a stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. that is already ripe with dispensaries. Though perhaps none that look like this.

The Woods feels more like a coffee shop than anything else. After paying at the counter, one can make their way to a courtyard where you can (presumably) smoke a pre-rolled joint next to a koi pond. The merchandise leans more toward sun-grown grass from Humboldt County than the chemical-forward edibles designed to get you very high, very quickly. Though there is some of that for sale, too. There are also trucker hats that say “Support Your Local Weed Farmer” and a eucalyptus-scented hemp soap from Dr. Bronner’s. Rumor has it The Woods has also applied for a liquor license so guests will be able to enjoy a drink where everyone knows your name.

Inside The Woods Weho in West Hollywood

Mickey Rapkin

That was a Cheers reference, which is where Harrelson first made his name 35 years ago, winning a best supporting actor Emmy

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