Weed Like Change Nourishes The Soil To Regenerate The Cannabis Industry

The environmental benefits of hemp are legion. But the legal cannabis industry has a terrible carbon footprint. It turns out that the joint you smoked last night took a lot of energy to grow, especially if grown indoors. Then it went into a plastic package, which took energy to make. Then it was put into a truck, which burned fossil fuels in transport, and then into a retail store or delivery vehicle that uses still more energy. Even the lighter you used to spark it up is probably burning the bad stuff. After all of that, only then does the ganja get into your loving lungs. But where is the love for the planet along the way?

Welcome to Weed Like Change, a campaign designed to offer a more sustainable vision for the way our joints get smoked so our planet doesn’t. Organized by a collection of Sun+Earth-certified, organic cannabis farms in California and Oregon — East Fork Cultivars, Eel River Organics, HappyDay Farms, Green Sources Gardens to name a few — the campaign seeks to raise consumer awareness to increase the sales of sun-grown regenerative cannabis.

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