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SALINE, MI — Ever since giving the OK to recreational marijuana, the city of Saline has experienced a rush of interest from retailers.

In fact, city offices have been “inundated” with applications, according to Council Member Jim Dell’Orco.

Officials even decided to temporarily halt accepting new applications while they smoothed out some wrinkles in the process, ultimately voting to increase the original 250-foot buffer between dispensaries to 1,000 feet.

“I think that was maybe the one deficiency that existed in the initial ordinance,” Saline Mayor Brian Marl said. “Our fear is that we were going to be oversaturated with marijuana dispensaries in the city of Saline.”

There are currently six proposed marijuana locations: the former Mickey’s Dairy Twist at 751 West Michigan Ave., Come Dancing at 465 E. Michigan Ave., Zax Auto Wash at 660 E. Michigan Ave, Octapharma Plasma at 813 W. Michigan Ave., 7608 E. Michigan Ave. near Tractor Supply Co. and Lot20A which is the business park parcel next to Zippy Auto Wash.

“I knew there would be a lot of interest because the players in this business are a cash operation … They have a lot of money to play with,” Dell’Orco said.

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