West Hollywood Set To Get “First of Its Kind” Cannabis Café

On Tuesday, West Hollywood stepped out in front of the cannabis dining and entertainment market by approving the country’s first licensed restaurant featuring THC and CBD-infused food. Lowell Farms — a project of marijuana company Lowell Herb Co. — will also offer an open-air smoking area. While cannabis industry types and users rejoiced over the decision, not all neighbors were pleased.  

Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and Elevation VIP Coop founder Andrea Drummer has been tapped to put together a menu for Lowell Farms that features CBD, THC, or both in every dish, with an emphasis on highlighting cannabis’ benefits for personal wellness. Customers will not be able to order alcoholic beverages (which aren’t allowed at sites selling cannabis comestibles per California law), but will be able to snag tea, coffee, juice, and smoothies with their meal. 

“Anyone who has one of those licenses should feel an enormous sense of responsibility—and there should be—not only to the city of West Hollywood but to the country,” Drummer told a local website in April. “There are eyes on us in doing this and executing it.”

The location will offer the first brick and mortar cannabis restaurant in the United States, but this will

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