West Town Bakery releases cannabis-infused cake mixes – Eater Chicago

The legalization of cannabis in Illinois has provided plenty of ways to get high, but West Town Bakery is going back to the classics with pot brownies, part of a new line of cannabis-infused cake mixes.

The dried mix contains 50 milligrams of THC and can be combined with eggs and butter to bake a tray of 12 sizable brownies. Rather than being infused in oil like most THC products, the cannabis is sprayed directly on the dried goods meaning it will quickly be activated when combined with the fats it’s baked with, kicking in about 15 minutes after consumption. There are other mixes that produce cupcakes in flavors like devil’s food cake and rainbow sprinkles.

“That’s good because what tends to happen with a lot of these products is people will eat a brownie and say ‘I don’t feel anything’ and then they eat another one and then eat a third and before you know it they’re really high and in the corner talking to themselves for a while,” says Chris Teixeira, food & beverage director for the Fifty/50 Restaurant Group.

The infused mixes come in different flavors. Fifty/50 Group/Alejandro Romo

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