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BOULDER, Colo.WeaveIQ, the cannabis retail software provider behind the suite of dispensary point of sale (POS) solutions, has worked in close collaboration with multi-state operator Body and Mind (BaM) to develop a robust, custom integrated platform that facilitates online ordering while addressing associated pain points.  Tackling everything from METRC compliance reporting to an elegant caregiver solution, this innovative partnership has fostered the first online ordering integration for cannabis stores approved by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

Early data from BaM and other customers showed the value of collecting orders in advance, which prompted WeaveIQ’s creation of its online ordering plugin. Body and Mind quickly joined as a partner, expediting and supporting the development and offering its locations as first adopters. This relationship is part of a trend in the cannabis industry, fueling a closer alignment of companies in different stages of the vertical chain. WeaveIQ and Body and Mind are excellent examples of progressive collaboration between two innovative companies, benefiting from each other’s strengths.


Of the partnership, BaM Chief Operating Officer Trip Hoffman had this to say. “Working directly with WeaveIQ gave us the upper hand in closing the gap between compliance, transactions, and the online

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