What Do Prohibitionists Really Hope to Accomplish?

Federal cannabis legalization will happen. It is no longer a matter of “if”, but of “when.” So what do prohibitionists really hope to accomplish?

A few weeks back, the House of Representatives again advanced the MORE Act (Marijuana Opportunity and Expungement Act), which puts cannabis one step closer to federal decriminalization (more on that here). While it’s unlikely that the MORE Act will advance past the Senate, the House’s repeated passing of the MORE Act signals a major change in perception and attitudes towards legalization of cannabis.

Even if the MORE Act doesn’t move through the Senate, something else eventually will even if it will take a few years. Popular opinion clearly favors it and eventually, politicians will listen to their constituents. In 2021, it was reported that 68% of Americans favored cannabis legalization. That number has undoubtedly gone up and will continue to go up over the coming years. Even Republicans are proposing cannabis legislation!

Today, nearly all U.S. states have legalized or decriminalized cannabis in one form or another. All statewide cannabis ballot measures are generally very popular with voters, despite attacks from prohibitionist politicians in state legislatures and in the courts. It may even come to pass

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