What to know know before going to a Michigan cannabis dispensary – Detroit Metro Times

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Going to the dispensary for the first time can be both overwhelming and incredibly intimidating. We’ve traded the days of meeting someone in a parking lot for a quick dime bag for tech-savvy budtenders in showrooms so well-lit that they can make the Apple Store look dim. Once the initial shock of being in the shiny new retail space wears off, you’re often left standing unsure of what to do next.

That’s what happened to me during my first dispensary visit. Here are some things I wish I knew before I went into a shop on my own.

Research the dispensary before you go

All dispensaries are not created equally. Some dispensaries are for medical marijuana patients only (with a valid state-licensed medical card), some are recreational (open to adults 21 and older with a valid ID), and some offer both. Shopping for cannabis through a dispensary is a lot like shopping around for a new car — you want the best quality and the best price. Recreational dispensaries that offer curbside pick-up tend to keep

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