What you need to know if you want to work at a FoCo dispensary – Rocky Mountain Collegian

Back in the day, you’d be getting your weed from a friend’s friend in their Honda Civic in some local park, but times have changed. Living in Colorado, you’re likely getting your cannabis from a different dealer — a dispensary.

Working at a dispensary is different than regular retail. In fact, it requires certification. 

“I first needed to have a marijuana enforcement badge from the (Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division), which includes going through a background check and application process,” said Daniel Dundas, an employee at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary since April 2022. “This all (cost) me $150 out of pocket. After completion, I received my badge in two weeks. Receiving the badge is the first step to getting your foot into the cannabis industry.”

On top of completing background checks, getting certifications and understanding the industry after being hired, budtenders need to ensure they’re abiding by all of the relevant laws and protecting themselves and the business they work for.

“Most people don’t know that working at a dispensary brings in a lot of stress and patience,” Dundas said. “When it comes to checking IDs, if a budtender fails a sting, they not only lose their jobs immediately, they lose their license and

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