Where is Marijuana Legal in the US?

The land of maple, niceness, and hockey has become the first G7 nation to federally legalize recreational cannabis. But here in the land of the stars and stripes, it’s a little trickier to know where is weed legal. Sure, nine pot-progressive states where recreational weed is legal have set an example for legalization and its benefits. Still, some states where weed is legal only permit weed for medicinal purposes, allowing for small personal amounts or only for CBD oils that are low in THC. And others, refusing to accept the revenue and health benefits of weed, strictly prohibit any use of the plant. Here we separate the states into these three categories—states where weed is legal recreationally and medically, where weed is legal only medically, and where weed is absolutely illegal.

Dank Destinations: States Where Recreational Weed is Legal

So far, nine states and Washington D.C. have set forth an example to the nation, legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana. Some, like Massachusetts, still await the opening of recreational shops but have legal weed according to state law. In D.C., a resident may smoke, possess, and give marijuana as a gift, but it is illegal to buy or sell it. Compare these finicky and

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