Where the weed will grow: Georgetown Planning Board presents recreational pot zone plan – Wicked Local

Bryan McGonigle [email protected] @GtownRecord

The Planning Board met April 11 to present its plan for recreational marijuana businesses in town.

“The Planning Board, along with the Board of Selectmen, have been dealing with this particular issue, this law that was passed two years ago,” Town Planner John Cashell said. “So it�s come to fruition that we are at this point, after much discussion, debate, review, waiting for the Cannabis Commission to actually come out with their final guidelines, which was only several weeks ago.”

Cashell started the hearing by explaining what his department�s proposal entails. It calls for zoning recreational cannabis businesses in the existing medical marijuana overlay, in the part of town along the Rowley line where Healthy Pharms � the medical marijuana grow and dispensary that opened in the former envelope factory on East Main Street�� is now.

“This proposed ordinance would allow for the uses that are allowed within the law that was passed to actually be applied for and possibly permitted within that overlay district as it exists,” Cashell said.

The plan also calls for that medical marijuana overlay district to be changed so it no longer goes into a Commercial B zoning district near downtown.

“Within that CB district is this Town Hall, the CVS Pharmacy, Crosby�s Market � that general block and the south side of Library Street,” Cashell explained.

Apparently that part of town has technically allowed medical marijuana establishments, although it was probably unlikely any medical marijuana companies would apply to set up shop at Town Hall anyway.

So now, both medical and recreational cannabis establishments will be relegated to where medical marijuana businesses are already allowed, minus the Crosby�s Plaza and surrounding neighborhood.

“Generally speaking, it�s the area just south of 133 at exit 54� And then that district extends north

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