Where to buy marijuana on your way to the Jersey Shore – The Philadelphia Inquirer

You’re cruising down the AC Expressway, heading down the Shore and ready for an awesome summer vacation. It’s like any other year, except this summer is New Jersey’s first summer of legal weed sales for adults.

If you’re looking forward to a day in the sun, with waves at your feet, and a helping of Mary Jane — here’s where to grab a stash before you hit the Shore towns. As of now, there aren’t any recreational marijuana dispensaries at the Jersey Shore, so you have to buy it elsewhere in New Jersey before you get to the coast.

Don’t want to harsh your mellow, but you can’t actually smoke that legal weed on the beach in New Jersey — or anywhere in public really. Sure, you can find ways to smoke safely and courteously away from the boardwalk and others — but know that you can’t openly toke on the beach. Here’s a breakdown of questions you may have about smoking at the Shore.

Key takeaways There are five dispensaries in South Jersey on the way to the Shore. You have to buy marijuana before you get

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