Why CBD Derived Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere – MMJ Reporter

With the growing knowledge of cannabidiol (CBD) as a viable health aide also comes an overload of bad information about the compound. Those in the know have already begun to incredible potential of CBD; however, these market leaders face pushback from stunted government processes and misinformed prospects. There is a reason that the overwhelming majority of true experts are overwhelmingly positive about CBD and the derivative marijuana that comes from it.

The Misconceptions

The first and most prevalent misconception about CBD is that it somehow counters or serves as a foil to THC, the so-called “recreational” part of industrial hemp. THC is recognized as the part of the hemp plant that gives euphoric effects, which many people are still categorizing as psychoactivity. This false categorization comes mainly from Big Pharma – companies with a multibillion-dollar vested interest in demonizing medical marijuana until it can monopolize its production and distribution. The cold facts have been proven time and again: Properly applied, marijuana fixes the root of many problems that Big Pharma drugs only mask and cover.

The “entourage effect” of CBD and THC is overwhelmingly positive. In short, CBD plus THC equals more than the sum of its parts. However, the thoroughly vetted effects of medical marijuana have not been approved by the FDA, keeping many states from legalizing it and actually serving as a basis to misinform the public about the cannabis plant. The federal government goes so far as to say that THC and CBD both have medical value, but the plant that produces both of them does not have any medical value. I’m sorry, can you repeat that logic?

CBD Slowly Breaking Through

Fortunately, raw science is pushing its way through antiquated tradition and Big Pharma scare tactics. Many state legislatures are beginning to recognize CBD as medically

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