Why Did the DEA Approve Synthetic Cannabis While the Real Thing Remains Illegal?

CANNABIS CULTURE – A recent development in pain management goes beyond nonsensical and into the realm of downright cruel.The DEA has approved a synthetic version of cannabis as safe for medical use, while millions of people of all ages languish behind bars for minor cannabis possession. Research indicates that altering the chemical structure of cannabis can produce dangerous reactions in users. Meanwhile, continuous medical evidence shows the benefits of medical cannabis, but it remains a Schedule I drug. This move clearly indicates that America truly has its priorities confused.

Cannabis has been used medicinally throughout history for good reason. It treats chronic pain while users can remain free from the danger of accidental overdose — something that is very much a risk with opioid-based medications. Better yet, cannabis grows relatively easily, meaning if it were legal, patients could grow their own medication. That’s something Big Pharma has an avaricious need to prevent. Keeping cannabis illegal while allowing pharmaceutical giants to release synthetic forms of the plant constitutes what some are calling a human rights crisis.

Potential Dangers of Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabis has existed for some time, as chemists have long tried to replicate cannabis’s unique chemical structure. While this sounds relatively easy on the

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