Why Jeff Sessions Will Fail at Taking Us Back 50 Years on Marijuana Legalization

The progress that we’ve made in the last 50 years has been dramatic; from the first marijuana decriminalization laws passed in Oregon in 1973, to the headlong rush for recreational and medical marijuana legislation today, we’re within striking distance of full, nationwide legalization. However, the current administration features Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, an Attorney General who is extremely outspoken against weed.

Here are 5 of the main reasons he will fail to reverse the progress we’ve made.

There’s a ton of money in growing, marketing, distribution, and sales of marijuana.

State tax revenue alone — especially in states where budgets are busted for things such as schools and roads — will keep the political pressure on to leave it legalized where it’s already legal, and for the feds to look the other way in states that will legalize it this year, either medically or recreationally.

For example, in a state like Nevada, just one year of full recreational legalization has brought in $30 million from the 10 percent retail tax. That’s not including the 15 percent wholesale tax and sales tax at the dispensary level.  Similar taxes are levied in the state of Colorado, which in 2017 raised more than

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