Why South Africa’s ‘Trial of the Plant’ is Closely Watched

CANNABIS CULTURE – Craft cannabis growers demand a seat at the table.  Observers say this trial will define their future, and the future of cannabis growth in the Global South.

“Victory will be a superb tribute to the late Julian Stobbs who dies tragically. ‘Trial of the plant’ could be the most important cannabis verdict across all of Africa. One victory will filter down to all instantly,’ says Dikeledi Matla, chairperson of the Soweto Cannabis Alliance Forum, a South African lobby for Black cannabis cultivators.

“We are closely watching it.”

Cannabis was legalized in South Africa four years ago. However, aspects of its use and
possession are still criminalized. Hence – as a tribute to the tragic murder of the country’s most
famous cannabis activist – there is ‘Trial of the Plant’ – a keenly watched court battle in South Africa
to free cannabis use for everyone there.

The Dagga Couple

Julian Stobbs and his partner Myrtle Clarke, dubbed ‘the dagga couple’ were jointly the engine behind
South Africa’s so-called ‘trial of the plant.’ ‘Dagga’ is colloquial given to cannabis in South Africa.

Stobbs was murdered during a home invasion in Johannesburg at dawn in July 2020, underlining the
scourge of South Africa’s runaway

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