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Why We Probably Won’t See Minnesota Recreational Dispensaries Until 2025 It will take several months for the state to determine guidelines and build infrastructure around recreational cannabis licenses.

As of today, recreational marijuana is legal to possess and use in Minnesota. But, with the exception of a recreational dispensary on the Red Lake Nation reservation up north, it will still be a long time before marijuana is widely available for purchase in the state.

In the meanwhile, early business owners can get a leg up by taking time to understand the law and build community connections, Minnesota’s Office of Cannabis Management implementation manager Charlene Briner said in an interview with TCB.

In her interim role with the office, Briner said three main things are needed to build out the new state agency: First, she’s guiding the search for the office’s new director. Gov. Tim Walz will name the new position in early September. Second, the office is working to help the governor fill out a new 51-member cannabis advisory council. Those applications are posted. Lastly, the office has started launching its rule-making process, which must be completed before businesses can open in the state.

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