Will Mexico Drop Hemp from the Cannabis Law Bill?

Unfortunately, it looks like Mexico may leave hemp out of the cannabis law bill.

That is right folks, after much discussion, lobbying and attempts to educate the government on cannabis legalization in Mexico (yes, we have also made our small contributions), the Mexican Senate seems more focused on creating the appearance that it will go after drug cartels, and protect non-marijuana smokers’ rights, than creating an actual industry. The most recent example of this posture is by leaving hemp out of the discussion.

We have been monitoring the cannabis legalization process in Mexico very closely for years. Last June we reported that the Cannabis Law bill had been stalled, for no apparent reason. Eventually, the Supreme Court had to convince the legislative power of the urgency to regulate cannabis production and distribution.

Now, finally, after months of inactivity, the Senate claims to be discussing the Cannabis Law bill again, but not as we remember it. Per reports filtered out to the media, the senators are discussing a new bill (in tandem with amendments to the General Health Law), aimed at providing that an individual can carry up to 28g of marijuana for personal use. A corresponding proposed amendment to the

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