Will President Joe Biden Legalize Marijuana?

Advocates for Federal Cannabis Policy Reform Fear Not.

Let’s delve into past stances on this issue as well as the most recent comments from Biden, Harris, and the new administration’s spokespeople and explain what each of the options means for the cannabis industry and marijuana users. 

The 2020 Presidential election

The 2020 Presidential election proved to have the greatest voter turnout in American history. Aside from the multiple reasons for such enthusiasm at the polls, cannabis legalization in a handful of both red and blue states was a winner.

The numbers are encouraging. There is a level of eagerness in both camps to reform federal cannabis laws. Although, for the most part, Democrats have been the driving force behind both state and federal cannabis policy reforms, the percentage of Republicans that are now in favor of legalizing marijuana is rising and is soon to pass the 50 percent mark.

Does this mean that Washington is going to get the job done during the Biden administration’s tenure?

What Is Joe Biden’s Stance On Legalizing Marijuana?

In the past, Biden staunchly maintained a hard-line approach to drug policies, even when a majority of polled fellow Democrats were in favor of cannabis legalization.

Biden was, in fact, the author of the notorious 1994 Crime bill, a scathing measure demanding highly punitive measures for individuals arrested in drug-related crimes.

So there is still some doubt by certain parties in regard to Biden’s stance on legal marijuana …Read More

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