Wilmington Dispensary and other shops now selling ‘legal’ thca flower – StarNewsOnline.com

Walk into the newly opened Wilmington Dispensary on Castle Street, and it’s easy to forget that marijuana is technically still illegal in North Carolina.

After you’re initially greeted by the pungent, tell-tale aroma, Wilmington Dispensary proprietor Ben Erichsen will gladly discuss the buying, and selling, of a product that’s increasingly common in Wilmington.

Behind him at the counter, a shelf contains more than a dozen glass jars filled with what Erichsen calls “flower.” It looks like marijuana. It smells like marijuana. And, Erichsen said, pointing to one strain, “It’s the real deal. It gets you high … It’s pretty strong, but as far as the government’s concerned it’s hemp.”

Let’s back up.

North Carolina is still one of 12 states where marijuana remains illegal for medical use or for any other purpose. Last year, however, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law saying that products that contain no more than 0.3% of delta-9 THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, are classified as “hemp” and therefore legal.