Wisconsin’s growing market for legal hemp-derived Delta THC – PBS Wisconsin

Marijuana is not legal in Wisconsin, but there is a growing industry selling a product that looks and smells the same, and is engineered to provide the same effect to the user.

In a strip mall outside Wausau, sandwiched in between a burrito shop and a cellphone store, you will find The Dispensary. Outside, a small sign reads, “Welcome to our Joint”. Inside, more marijuana references line the walls, from a “Weed Responsibly” sign glowing bright green, to large glass jars on the shelf behind the counter filled with what resembles marijuana flower.

However, the flowers are hemp.

“You are looking at the delta-8 THC flower,” explained Bob Hickey Jr., regional manager of The Dispensary. “So it’s grown as hemp, which has no or very minimal and legal amounts of trace amounts of delta-9 THC. So, normally it wouldn’t give you any psychoactive effects. But we are able to infuse that with delta-8 THC, which is simply CBD converted to delta-8, and then you can get those similar effects. So it looks, taste smells exactly the same. But it is legal in Wisconsin.”

Essentially, as the United States Congress and state legislators acted to legalize the hemp industry, they created

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