You Need a NUG: Embracing the state's first Asian-owned equity dispensary – East Bay Express

While not suffering from a shortage of cannabis dispensaries, NUG is a trim above the rest, and I highly recommend it. NUG is the first Asian-owned equity dispensary in California, and a supporter of Oakland’s Social Equity Cannabis program, which provides opportunities in the legal cannabis industry to those targeted by the “war on drugs.”

NUG is all about normalizing cannabis use, and curates their dispensary impeccably with the finest in California edibles, beverages, flower and more. 

Their location on Broadway in Oakland is underground, through a security guard, down a hallway with a lightning-esque neon installation and down a flight of stairs. The music is always good, and the bud tenders are informed and friendly. Their edibles can’t be beat. 

Try their rapid impact THC/CBD fruit chews—Kickin’ Mango is my personal favorite. NUG is also where I discovered the Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions, a zero-calorie drink infused with hops and cannabis. It’s a delicious alternative to gummies and sets in the high like a slow sunrise. 

NUG is a gem, for the community and the cannabis user alike. Stop in.

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