Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Growers Vow To Plant Cannabis Instead

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Zimbabwe has 145 000 registered tobacco farmers according to Meanwell Gudu, chief executive of the Zimbabwe Tobacco Industry Marketing Board. The country is one of the world´s most respected producers of Virginia leaf tobacco strain. Industry experts now predict a marked decline on Zimbabwe´s tobacco auction floors, and cannabis seems destined to be the future cash crop.

March and April are Zimbabwe´s annual tobacco selling season when thousands of growers bring the smoked leaf product to auction warehouses where dealers from China, Europe, or South Africa pay lavish US dollar prices and ship the product.

Tobacco prices this year are low despite the government begging tobacco merchants to play a fair game with farmers. A kilogram of tobacco is being bought at $4.20 compared to $4.30 in 2021. Heavy rains in January, a key month for the maturing crop, caused leaching and flooding ruin. The country´s central bank is giving tobacco farmers 75% of their earnings in US dollars. The rest is paid out in RTGS, a near-worthless domestic currency that depreciates weekly in comparison to the US dollar.

“I feel like crying,” says farmer Josphat Moyo on pumping $15 000 into cultivating tobacco and only realizing

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