Ketamine Clinics and the Corporate Practice of Medicine in California

Ketamine clinics are increasing in number in the United States and globally. As we described previously, ketamine is a Schedule III drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for certain medical uses, and may in some cases be used for off-label uses (such as anxiety or depression) by medical professionals. That said, the legal framework surrounding the ownership and operation of ketamine clinics (which involve off-label uses of ketamine) can be extraordinarily complicated and will vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

California is certainly a place where ketamine clinics are prominent. The corporate structures of many ketamine clinics involve a risky dance when it comes to the corporate practice of medicine. Ownership of medical practice in California is highly regulated. There are significant restrictions on who can own a medical practice here; that includes ketamine infusion clinics because only licensed medical practitioners can prescribe and manage ketamine and corresponding treatments.

California law requires that a medical practice be owned by a specific entity (a professional medical corporation) and that a majority of owners of the corporation be physicians with limits on ownership by non-physicians to other medical professionals. There

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Pro Athletes Who Love Weed Are Taking Cannabis Sponsorships

Cannabis and sports might not seem like they mix. But for some athletes, the drug is an integral part of their success.

On a typical Saturday, at 4:30 am, Boulder, Colorado-based competitive ultramarathoner Flavie Dokken takes 5mg of Wana Recreational Tarts, puts on her running shoes, and heads out for a five-hour run. But Dokken is not your typical stoner, she uses cannabis as part of her workout routine and she is sponsored by Wana Brands, a cannabis company that produces cannabis-infused products. Dokken told Vice that the gummies help her tune into her breathing. Although Dokken uses THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive element of cannabis) during training, she stops using it a week before race day because of drug testing.

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CBD and Yoga Help Some Build Healthy Lifestyles

Temecula resident Cheri Smith, sees transitioning away from pills and using cannabidiol, or CBD, as a way to help aid someone with their wellness journey.

“So many people are held hostage by their mental pain, physical pain, and they’re just getting by in life,” Smith said. “I help them get ahold of that mental and physical pain, and then I teach them that they can thrive, you don’t just survive or get by in life but actually thrive.”

Cheri Smith, also known as The CBD Yoga Teacher, first began her journey with her yoga practice back in 1999.

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Global Pandemic Forces Jamaicans Out of the Closet on Cannabis Use

CANNABIS CULTURE – Jamaica has long been associated with cannabis. Reggae music, Bob Marley, Dreadlocks all celebrate the use of the ganja plant. Yet what most foreigners dont know,  is cannabis use is frowned on by most Jamaicans.

The remnants of the decades-old, US-led “War On Drugs” still resonates in the psyche of the island. The cultural propaganda, coupled with the Christian backbone of Jamaican society, leaves many still believing ganja is the “devil’s weed” and drives people insane.

The Rastafarian Community was demonized for their social, religious and political views, so their Sacramental use of the plant added further fuel to the stigma that endures to this day. In a recent study by, Jamaica ranks in the lower half of the top ten in the “Cannabis Friendliness Index”. Coming in 8th position with a total score of 100 points out of 250. Bear in mind, Jamaica picked up 50 points simply for legalizing medical cannabis.

For the remaining data points, Jamaica would have scored just 50 points for the prevalence of use, which according to the report, stands at 7.2%, citing the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as the source of consumption information. 


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Why is Cannabis Still Illegal in the UK?

CANNABIS CULTURE – There was a moment in cannabis history where it could be argued that the UK was ahead of the US!

This has nothing to do with the UK supposedly being the world’s largest exporter of medicinal cannabis, this goes way back to 2001 when the London Borough of Lambeth was a test bed for an experiment which allowed the police to focus their attention on something more befitting of their time. Essentially, cannabis was partially decriminalised.

The police said they saved 650 man hours and a mountain of paperwork in the first month, sure they were still stopping teenagers in an effort to warn them of the dangers of drugs, which I thought wise but as a 25 year old man who was fond of his own paperwork, I could see the wider benefits to society. I lived in Brixton at the time and I can’t describe adequately how relaxed the place became literally overnight.

After a couple of months, Brixton had their annual ‘Reclaim the Streets’ festival. It was insane to say the least, mainly because there were plenty of people from all faiths, races and creeds blazing in front of police who in themselves seemed

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