Not All 25 Ontario Cannabis Shops Will Be Ready to Open on Monday

Ontario’s first cannabis retail shops are set to open their doors next week, but some of the 25 licence holders are still wading through the lengthy approval process and might not be ready for business.

Stores that fail to open on Monday could face escalating penalties, but the Progressive Conservative government said it would not rush the vetting process.

“We’ll wait and see on April 1 how many open,” said Finance Minister Vic Fedeli. “There was prohibition for 100 years and we’re going to be in this business for 100 years. We will not rush into anything.”

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Vets Say Medicinal Cannabis Could One Day Be a Big Help for Family Pets

‘Dogs like the smell of cannabis,’ Sudbury veterinarian says.

As of April 1, you can legally buy weed in Ontario pot shops. Recreational cannabis has been legal since last October. And medicinal marijuana has been allowed since around the year 2000.

But what about pets?

Darren Stinson, a veterinarian at the Chelmsford Animal hospital in Chelmsford, Ont, says they have seen high pooches before, but that’s usually through accidental consumption.

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What’s the Deal with the Third Cannabis Species?

Rightnow, there are more than 1,000 strainsof marijuana available on the commercialmarket alone. A figure which doesn’t take into account the many thousands ofDIY hybrids doing the rounds in recreational and medical circles worldwide.

Ofthese thousands of cannabis strains, the overwhelming majority belong to justtwo primary cannabis species:

Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Indica

Nevertheless,there is in fact a third (and wholly underappreciated) marijuana species that’smore than worthy of recognition:

So whyis it that this third cannabis species isn’t nearly as popular as itscounterparts? And what role has it played in the cannabis culture that’ssweeping the world right now?

To get abetter idea of what cannabis Ruderalis is all about, you need to consider theunique properties of all three cannabis species.

Cannabis Sativa

It wasthought for some time that Sativa cannabis was the only type of cannabis that grew on earth.  The genus was officially classified andrecorded for the first time in 1753, under the name of Cannabis Sativa L. It wasn’t until much later that the othertwo species of cannabis were discovered and recorded.

Sativa cannabis plants are known for growingincredibly tall, routinely exceeding four metres in height. The plants arerelatively slender, producing long and narrow leaves with somewhat sparsefoliage. A typical

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Meet the Woman Behind Willie Nelson’s Cannabis Company

Few musicians have the cannabis cachet of avid toker Willie Nelson. The country music star’s Willie’s Reserve has been a big hit, with his branded joints, buds and an ever-growing list of infused products finding their way into dispensaries around Colorado and beyond. Instead of tethering the brand to one supplier, Willie’s Reserve partners with wholesale cannabis growers around the state to ensure a wide range of strains and varieties. The strategy has helped the brand grow into a major presence, while offerings from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have seemingly plateaued.

Although much of the success of Willie’s Reserve can be attributed to the popularity of the Red Headed Stranger himself, it wouldn’t have happened at all without Elizabeth Hogan, co-founder of GCH Inc., the company that owns Nelson’s cannabis brands. While she’s not related to Nelson, the strawberry blonde has given new meaning to the term “red-headed stepchild” as she plots the path to a pot empire. To learn more about her unique job scenario, we caught up with Hogan when she was at SXSW in Austin.

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Kitchener Firm Gets Ok to Begin Cannabis Production in Former Lear Plant

James E. Wagner Cultivation secures production licence from Health Canada.

Health Canada approved the production licence Friday for a huge cannabis growing operation in the former Lear Corp. auto parts plant.

Nathan Woodworth, co-founder and chief executive officer of James E. Wagner Cultivation, was all smiles Friday afternoon.

“That is big exciting news,” he said.

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Study: Washington Teens Not Using More Marijuana Following Legalization

The legalization of marijuana in Washington State is not associated with an increase in marijuana use by most teens, according to a study published in The Journal of Adolescent Health.

For the study researchers from Washington State University, the University of Massachusetts, and the Colorado School of Public Health assessed trends in teen marijuana use and employment in the years immediately prior to and immediately following the enactment of retail marijuana sales (2010 to 2016), reports NORML in a news release.

The study found that “marijuana use decreased significantly among working and non-working 8th and 10th graders.” Marijuana use similarly declined among 12th graders who were not employed, while among 12th graders who were employed more than eleven hours per week marijuana use actually increased over the study period, though just slightly. The study’s authors acknowledged that this latter finding was not unexpected because “the workplace may expose adolescents to peer or adult coworkers’ potentially unhealthy behaviors, including substance use.” Authors further acknowledged that working youth were also more likely to have reported using cannabis prior to the passage of legalization.

The full text of the study, titled “Employment and marijuana use among Washington state adolescents before and after legalization of retail marijuana,”

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Seed Stories: How Purple Paonia Paralyzer Took Root in Colorado

CANNABIS CULTURE – In 1971, I owned the Cotangent, a small fashion-clothing store on the hill in Boulder, Colorado. That year, I traveled to Europe with my wife Rosie, our young son, Mikel-Jon, and Marina, a Dutch Indonesian woman who accompanied us as a nanny. We entered Holland with a brand-new Volkswagen bus and 30,000 hits of Orange Sunshine acid I planned to sell to the locals. I was also looking for items for my store, and high quality cannabis seeds to smuggle back home. Back then, despite being illegal, pot could be found nearly everywhere in the U.S. Some of it was good, but most of it was smuggled in from Mexico. Those of us involved in meeting the expanding demand for pot were always on the lookout for a better product.

Since the late ’60s, a trickle of hashish, the potent cannabis resin, had begun to show up in places like Boulder, Colorado. It was prized and celebrated when it arrived from places like Nepal, Lebanon, and especially Afghanistan, where hashish had been cultivated for centuries.

Illegal growing operations had begun to flourish in remote rural places around the nation, and as any gardener or farmer will tell you, the

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Georgia Senate Votes in Favor of Medical Marijuana Access Bill

The Georgia Senate voted to approve a bill on Friday that would give medical marijuana patients a legal avenue to obtain their medicine. Under the bill, HB 324, a regulated system for growing, processing, and distributing cannabis oil would be established. Georgia’s medical marijuana program only permits the use of cannabis oil with no more than 5 percent THC by registered patients with one or more of 16 qualifying serious medical conditions. However, current regulations do not allow for medical marijuana cultivation, processing, or sales, which leaves patients with no way to legally obtain cannabis oil. The bill was approved by the Georgia House of Representatives earlier this month.

The Senate voted 44-8 to pass the measure on Friday, but only after significant changes were made by the Senate Regulated Industries Committee on Wednesday. Under the Senate version, only two cultivation licenses would be issued by the state, one for a large operation and one for a small grower, instead of the 10 licenses in the House bill. Amendments also reduced the number of retail dispensaries for the state’s 8,400 registered patients from 60 to 10. The Senate’s amendments also would allow two universities to create cannabis research and manufacturing programs. Another change made by the Senate committee

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More Legal Cannabis Needed to Break Black Market: Province

But Health Canada pushes back against notion of a national cannabis shortage.

Shutting down the marijuana black market will require more legal cannabis and more licensed producers, according to the provincial bureaucrat who works on Manitoba’s cannabis strategy.

“Breaking the black market is a key aspect of legalization,” said Michael Legary, a senior project manager with Manitoba’s priorities and planning secretariat.

“You have to have a legal supply available to do that. And if we do not have legal supply, people will go to the previous channels they were using,” he said.

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First Legal Cannabis Lounge in Ontario to Be Staged in Middle of a Beer Festival

People attending a craft beer festival in Toronto in June will be able to smoke pot there, too, in what organizers say will be the first legal cannabis lounge in the province.

The “POTio” will be created in an outdoor area normally reserved for cigarette smokers at the provincially-owned Ontario Place.

The lounge is billed as a place where festival goers can “come down” from the beer and explore the world of cannabis while being educated about how to consume it responsibly.

The POTio might be a first, but organizers of other festivals and events across Ontario are grappling with how to handle the first summer of legal recreational pot.

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