How To Use Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are the topic of today’s post. We’ll cover the different types of tinctures that are available, their benefits, and how they are applied.

Smoking marijuana and vaping cannabis-infused oils are currently the most common ways consumers ingest marijuana. However, smoking and vaping can be hazardous to lung health, as well as inconvenient and indiscreet, making these delivery methods a non-option for many medical marijuana patients. Tinctures are oftentimes a better choice.

Because manufacturers often use an alcohol solvent to extract cannabinoids and the final product comes in an alcohol base, tinctures have been called the “moonshine of marijuana.”

Interestingly, prior to 1937 when hemp and marijuana were banned in the U.S., tinctures were the most widely used of all forms of cannabis medicine. Before the turn of the 20th century, cannabis tinctures were regularly used in the British Royal Court. In fact, Queen Victoria was prescribed a cannabis tincture for menstrual cramps. The Queen’s physician extolled the virtues of this concoction and stated “When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

Let’s take a look at what tinctures are, how they work, and the different types available….

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New Bill Aims To Federally Legalize Marijuana

  • A Republican congresswoman has filed a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level.
  • The move may mark the end of the partisan politics that have held back the federal legalization of marijuana.
  • The comprehensive bill would remove marijuana from the DEA’s list of controlled substances and impose a three percent excise tax on all cannabis products.
  •  The bill would also expunge criminal records for anyone who has been convicted of certain non-violent cannabis offenses

Here are some of the provisions in the proposal to federally legalize marijuana:

  • The States Reform Act aims to regulate marijuana similarly to the federal regulation of alcohol and puts cannabis regulatory responsibility in the hands of individual states. No state or local laws would be required to change.
  • Most importantly, the bill would remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act effectively legalizing all forms of cannabis and its derivatives.
  • A national age limit of 21 would be set for the sale and possession of recreational marijuana and cannabis-infused products. The limit would not apply to state-approved medical marijuana cardholders.
  • All references to “marijuana” or “marihuana” in federal laws and….

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'Dispensary 33' may open in Des Plaines, as Libertyville again considers recreational pot sales – FOX 32 Chicago

First marijuana dispensary could open in Des Plaines, Libertyville considers recreational pot sales

An Evanston-based company is looking at a vacant building on Miner Street in the city’s downtown area.

COOK COUNTYDes Plaines could soon be getting its first cannabis dispensary.

An Evanston-based company is looking at a vacant building on Miner Street in the city’s downtown area.

The business would open under the name “Dispensary 33.” They already have locations in Chicago.

The Des Plaines City Council will meet next Monday to review the proposal.


Meanwhile, recreational marijuana sales could be coming to Libertyville.

The village board is meeting Tuesday night to talk about it.

The village banned the sale of marijuana back in 2019, after it was legalized.

Village leaders say a public hearing will also be held.

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Nev. Pot Shop Faces $487K Fine, Ban Over Missing Merch – Law360

By Katryna Perera (November 30, 2021, 4:24 PM EST) — A Nevada pot dispensary faces a potential fine of $487,500 and a revocation of its licenses after allegedly violating numerous provisions of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Regulations, including leaving doors to its growing facilities unlocked and failing to report a theft of dozens of cannabis plants.

The Cannabis Compliance Board of the State of Nevada filed a complaint for disciplinary action against The Harvest Foundation LLC on Nov. 18. Jurisdiction of the matter falls to the Nevada Compliance Board, which will determine the level of disciplinary action, according to the complaint.

The basis of the complaint stems from Harvest’s medical and…

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Medford Police arrest six in connection with dispensary 'smash and grab' burglaries – KDRV

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Police Department says that it has arrested six men suspected in several “smash and grab” burglaries at marijuana dispensaries in Jackson County, tracking them to an Airbnb on Red Hawk Drive in Medford on Monday.

The investigation began November 28 at 5 a.m., when police responded to a business alarm at Cloud 9 Wellness dispensary on Hilton Road. Officers arrived to find the business had been “badly damaged,” with windows broken and a metal roll-up door ripped away. The burglars were no longer at the scene, and MPD said that they had taken cash from the registers and stolen an entire ATM containing an “undisclosed amount” of cash.

Looking over security camera footage, investigators thought that there were about seven suspects, all of them wearing masks. Three vehicles were spotted in connection with the burglary.

“The suspects worked quickly to commit the burglary, and used one of their vehicles to rip off the roll up door,” MPD said.

The ATM turned up Sunday evening in a field near Judy Way in west Medford, heavily damaged with the cash removed.

By Monday, the case had been turned over to MPD detectives who soon learned that Ashland Police

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Countdown to legalization: City of Missoula adopts pot regulations – KPAX-TV

MISSOULA — With the sale and manufacture of recreational marijuana set begin across much of Montana, the Missoula City Council on Monday finalized the basic rules and regulations it will use to guide the fledgling industry.

The regulations, now months in the making, will take effect in January when recreational sales begin in businesses already licensed to sell medical marijuana. Roughly 57 businesses are registered to do so in Missoula County, according to a city report.

Other interested retailers can apply for a state license later in 2022.

“I think this framework does a good job of balancing both recreational use approved by voters while protecting citizens and bringing predictability,” said council member Heidi West.

Among other things, the regulations restrict cultivation operations to certain districts in Missoula based upon the size of the business. Grow operations of 1,000 square feet or less can operate in most commercial areas of the city while operations larger than 2,500 square feet will be restricted to areas zoned as industrial.

The new rules also work to prevent the clustering of marijuana dispensaries in certain areas. Over the past few months, some have expressed concern that such businesses are taking over certain blocks of the city and, in

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Despite their growth nearby, Delta Township not ready to host marijuana dispensaries – Spartan Newsroom – Spartan Newsroom

Despite a high rise in Michigan’s marijuana business, Delta Township does not have a dispensary — and township officials don’t expect that to change any time soon.

According to Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, more than 700 dispensaries opened in the state of Michigan since 2021.

In 2019, the township board voted against allowing dispensaries within Delta Township’s borders. Since then, this issue hasn’t been revisited, while nearby cities such as Lansing and East Lansing are dabbling into Michigan’s now multimillion-dollar business.

Township resident Amy Zander, owner of Zeedia Media, said Delta should stay current and competitive with other communities.

“The money it could bring to the community and adding more businesses to the Delta Township community will make our economy stronger,” Zander said. 

Zander said township officials should not be scared of adding these types of businesses to the community. Zander said the township board should be discerning about the issue by having regulations such as where dispensaries can be located and how many dispensaries can operate within the township. She said by having Pure Options, which operates four dispensaries in the Lansing area, or Skymint, which operates three retail locations and delivery, is a good beginning to adding a

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Missoula setting rules for marijuana dispensaries – KPAX-TV

MISSOULA — Recreational marijuana will soon hit the streets of Missoula but before storefronts are turned into dispensaries on Jan. 1, the city is laying ground rules in an ordinance that regulates everything from the distance between dispensaries to the type of glass used in dispensary storefronts.

“Voters said ‘giddy up’ we want recreational cannabis in the state of Montana. And we want to match our regulations to the times and we want to ensure that we’re not in a box where suddenly, there’s no retail space downtown because it’s all dispensaries.” – Missoula Mayor John Engen

The city’s new marijuana ordinance calls for a 500-foot buffer between individual retail dispensaries in hopes of avoiding potential clusters of dispensaries in certain areas.

The new rules also ban the opaque windows often seen on dispensary storefronts, which is said to prevent the transparency of the storefront and alter the character of our neighborhoods.

Megan Mannering/MTN News

The city has prohibited the use of high-intensity discharge lighting for cannabis cultivation as it uses twice as much energy as other lighting options.

“This is really a goal-oriented zoning and it’s about addressing concerns around the community,” Engen told MTN News.

The new

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Two drive-thru cannabis businesses planned for Reno, Verdi – Northern Nevada Business Weekly

The Reno dispensary is planned to open in January at 11570 S. Virginia St. in the former Infiniti Car dealership. Courtesy Photo

The Reno Sparks Indian Colony announced Nov. 17 plans to open a pair of full-service cannabis dispensaries in South Reno and Verdi in January.

Both locations of Three Nations Cannabis, owned by RSIC, will also have drive-thru service, according to a press release from the colony.

Products will include flower, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, extract and tinctures, among others.

The South Reno dispensary is at 11570 S. Virginia St. in the former Infiniti Car dealership. The roughly 12,200-square-foot facility makes it the largest cannabis dispensary in Reno, according to an RSIC press release.

The 2,700-square-foot Verdi dispensary, meanwhile, is located at 420 Highway 40 West in the old Taco Bell restaurant near Gold Ranch.

Both locations are on tribal land and located near the colony’s long-established Tribal Smoke Shop businesses.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting all our lives, the drive-thru service demonstrates an emphasis on safety and provides a positive customer experience,” according to the press release. “This is how RSIC managed to keep the Tribal Smoke Shops open during the height of COVID-19.”

Per the release, RSIC

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