Almost 20,000 People Have Applied for ‘Cannabis Connoisseur’ Job Posting

Ever since a Toronto company put out a job posting to test marijuana, applications have been flying in from across the country, says marijuana business AHLOT.

The job posting went up 10 days ago. The pitch: Join Toronto-based marijuana company, AHLOT, to be part of their cannabis curation committee.

Vice-president Martin Strazovec says the number of applications has been overwhelming.

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Ontario Could See Up to 1,000 Private Pot Shops After Cannabis Legalization

Ontario could have up to 1,000 private pot shops after recreational cannabis is legalized, the province’s Progressive Conservatives said Thursday, significantly more stores than planned under the previous Liberal government.

While introducing legislation to create a regulatory regime for cannabis sales, the government said it expected a flood of applications from those looking to run the private stores that will open next April and noted that they would be vetted very carefully by the province’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

“There will be, I’m sure, a lot of applications to the AGCO and they’re going to have a lot of work in order to do the due diligence that’s required,” said Attorney General Caroline Mulroney. ” I don’t expect that all applications will be granted immediately.”

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Student’s Suspension for Smelling of Pot Provides Whiff of What’s Ahead for Schools After Legalization

On the first day of school, Tony stood outside the main office, in a lineup of students, waiting to pick up his timetable. He left with a three-day suspension slip.

The reason? A vice-principal at Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School in Rexdale smelled marijuana.

“I was stunned,” recalled the 16-year-old, whose real name the Star agreed to withhold. “I said, ‘I haven’t been smoking’ … I asked her if she wanted to check my bag … she refused.”

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Buzz in the Air at Winnipeg Cannabis Expo With Pot Legalization Looming

The countdown is on.

With pot legalization less than three weeks away, hundreds of Winnipeggers poured into the RBC Convention Centre for the Cannabis and Hemp Expo to clear up any haze they had regarding marijuana.

“The goal is to educate the public and connect consumers with different cannabis groups as well as connect the industry,” show manager Kevin Blackburn said.

And the public had a lot to choose from as more than 50 exhibitors from across the country showcased products and made sure to answer any questions.

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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Vancouver Officers Free to Smoke Pot, So Long as they Arrive ‘Fit for Duty,’ Police Board Says

With just weeks to go before legalization, the Vancouver Police Board approved on Wednesday a set of regulations for officers’ use of cannabis.

As per recommendations laid out in an August report by the Vancouver Police Department, the board rejected a 24-hour pre-shift period of abstinence in favour of a standard that simply states officers must arrive to work “fit for duty.”

Implementing a 24-hour abstinence period is less than ideal, the August report states, because cannabis affects different individuals to varying degrees, and there is no medical consensus on how long cannabinoids like THC — the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis — take to clear the system.

– Read the entire article at The Star.

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5 Reasons to Buy from an Online Headshop

As Marijuana and CBD have become more and more popular due to the health benefits from using both, there has been a higher demand for products that allow one to enjoy the benefits of their concentrates and herb. An Online Headshop is a great place to shop from when looking for these kinds of products. There are tons of awesome products that can be found on an online headshop, such as bongs, dab rigs, grinders, vaporizers, rolling trays, and rolling papers. It’s fair to say that vaporizers have become the most popular item for 420 smokers. Click here to find a wide selection of quality vaporizers.

#1 Wide Selection of Products

The selection of products at an online headshop are far greater than it would be at a physical headshop. Most physical location will only sell products that adhere to a particular style. For example, you’ll see many store fronts that only sell bongs, glass pipes, or vaporizers. In addition, they may have a limited selection on the sizes and colors of specific items.

On the contrary, a premium online headshop will offer different styles, sizes, and colors of their products.

#2 Low Prices

Price just might be the most critical factor

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Here is the Most Expensive Bong in the World

The most expensive bong in the world (pictured below) is available now for just $1 million!

The website selling The Throne states that it’s considered to be “one of the most iconic and legendary functional glass pieces in the industry”. Standing nearly two feet tall, the piece was constructed in 2010. The skulls were made by Scott Deppe, and remove from the top to reveal the mouthpiece. The structure was assembled by Darby Holm using the Deppe’s Darkness color.” Banjo, the third collaborator, “constructed the one foot tall goddess that sits upon Darby’s lattice of bones.”

The airflow of this piece “begins at the push bowl, where it travels down into a large natural percolator and then on up the skeletal backbone to the mouthpiece.” Since this piece was first exhibited, “there have been several similar pieces created, but this one will always be considered the true original.”

The Throne can be viewed at Illuzion Glass Galleries in Denver, Colorado, and can be purchased online by clicking here.

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Study: Cannabis Oil Reduces Seizures, Improves Quality of Life, in Those with Dravet Syndrome

According to a new study, cannabis oil (containing both CBD and THC) is effective in reducing seizure counts and improving quality of life measures in those with Dravet Syndrome.

An epilepsy word cloud.

The study, titled A prospective open-label trial of a CBD/THC cannabis oil in dravet syndrome, was published by the journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.  According to the Dravet Foundation, dravet syndrome, also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI), “is a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy”, with “an estimated incidence rate of 1:16,000 to 1:21,000”.

The study’s abstract starts by stating that “Both Δ9 Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) components of cannabis, have been shown to have anticonvulsant effects. Cannabis oils are used to treat seizures in drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE).” It then goes on to note that “Recent trials provide data on dosing, side effects, and efficacy of CBD, yet there is a paucity of information on THC in epilepsy.”

The primary objective of the study “was to establish dosing and tolerability of TIL-TC150 – a cannabis plant extract produced by Tilray®, containing 100 mg/mL CBD and 2 mg/mL THC- in children with Dravet syndrome. Secondary objectives were to

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Cypress Hill and Bhang to Launch Rare Cannabis Products in Coordination with Highly Anticipated Elephants on Acid Album

Bhang Corporation and Cypress Hill announced today that their joint venture, CHB (Cypress Hill Bhang) is launching two collector’s edition cannabis products this week with the release of Cypress Hill’s long-awaited studio album, Elephants on Acid. Scott Van Rixel, CEO of Bhang, commented: “We are proud of the Bhang-Cypress Hill collaboration. It has successfully resulted in products that reflect the band’s identity and vision. Every other week some group or entertainer approached Bhang wanting to license themselves and it…

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Medical Cannabis for Pets Bill Signed Into Law by California Governor

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation that explicitly allows and regulates the medical use of cannabis for pets.

Assembly Bill 2215 was given approval by the full Senate in August by a vote of 37 to 1 vote, roughly three months after the Assembly passed it 60 to 10.  Governor Brown signed the measure into law yesterday.

Assembly Bill 2215 would expand “the intent of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) to control and regulate cannabis and cannabis products for medicinal use on pets.” It would define “cannabis products” to include products intended for medicinal use on a pet, and although it wouldn’t allow a veterinarian to administer medical cannabis, it  would “allow a veterinarian to discuss the use of cannabis on an animal for medicinal purposes without being disciplined or denied, revoked or suspended by the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB).”

The measure states that the VMB “would have until July 1, 2019 to promulgate guidelines for veterinarians to follow when discussing the use of cannabis”, and it “Provides that a cannabis product for use on a pet may only be sold to an adult 21 years or age or over by a

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