Canadian Delivery Service Announces Willy Wonka Lottery to Celebrate Legalization

A cannabis delivery service is celebrating the legalization of weed in Canada by delivering free munchies to as many people in Toronto as possible on October 17. And on top of the free snacks, the promotion will be even more exciting with a Willy Wonka-style lottery for the first day of legal recreational pot.

Cannabis delivery platform Eddy is sponsoring the contest and is inviting potential customers to sign up for the giveaway on its website in order to be added to the list to receive free munchies. Contestants can increase their chances and move up the queue by sharing the promotion on their Instagram account and tagging friends.

Those lucky enough to receive free munchies will also be in the running for an extra special prize as “four randomly selected winners will receive a Lucky Green Ticket which will entitle you to a tour of a local weed factory (also known as a licensed producer cultivation facility, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue),” according to the webpage for the promotion.

Restrictions on Cannabis Advertising

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada this week, companies wishing to compete in the newly legal market will have to employ creative strategies like the Eddy promotion to gain the attention of

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Vermont general election voter guide published

Early voting is already underway for the Vermont general election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6. Before you vote, please check out our legislative voter guide to learn where candidates for state representative and state senator stand on marijuana policy. Then, please read our guide on the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.

This year, we sent candidates a survey consisting of only one question: “Do you support regulating and taxing the production and sale of cannabis in Vermont for use by adults 21 and older?” Our voter guides include responses from candidates for state representative, state senator, and governor, in addition to public statements and incumbent legislators’ votes on the legalization bill. If a candidate in your district has not responded to the survey, we encourage you to reach out to them directly and ask their position!

For information on where and how to vote in Vermont, click here.

Again, please take time to read our voter guide for state legislative races and our gubernatorial voter guide before you vote in the November 6 general election. Please share the voter guides with your family and friends!

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Cannabis Consumption Will Be Permitted in Canada’s National Parks

In the United States, the ongoing federal prohibition against cannabis creates some interesting legal contradictions. In states with legal adult-use, for example, federal prohibition creates pockets of land where federal law holds and state law doesn’t. Basically, any land the federal government controls is under federal jurisdiction. And that means places in the U.S. like national parks and forests, wilderness preserves and wildlife refuges are no-cannabis zones, even if they reside in a state, like California, with legal weed. North of the border, however, will be a different story. Under the Cannabis Act of 2018, cannabis consumption will be permitted in Canada’s National Parks.

Campers and Hikers Can Legally Consume Cannabis in Canada’s National Parks

There are currently 39 National Parks in addition to eight National Park Reserves in Canada. These parks and reserves cover about 126,700 square miles of the country, or about 3.3 percent of its total area. And there is at least one in each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories. Canada’s park system is also immensely popular. From 2016 to 2017, Parks Canada says 15,449,250 people visited the country’s national parks and reserves. And once Canada’s Cannabis Act goes into effect tomorrow, October 17, those visitors will

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Confidence in Utah’s Medical Marijuana Initiative is Waning

With less than a month until the election, recent polls show that support has faded for Utah’s medical marijuana ballot measure, particularly among members of the Church of Latter-day Saints. Many attribute the change to a pledge made by the governor and cannabis advocates to push through a legislative compromise regardless of voters’ conclusion on Prop 2.

The Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll suggests that slightly above 50 percent of Utah voters now support the ballot measure, a 15 percent dip from a similar survey conducted in June. Though 35 percent of the most recent poll’s respondents still indicated that they are strongly in favor of Prop 2, a full 46 percent said they were in opposition and only three percent stated that they had yet to form an opinion.

It would appear that Salt Lake City’s scripture-quoting pro-Prop 2 billboard has not been able to convince the state’s massive Mormon population. Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints showed a dramatic decrease in support for the measure. Among those who identified as very active in the church community, the percentage of individuals who said they were strongly in favor dipped from 25 to 11 percent between June

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South Carolina: November 6 is General Election Day!

South Carolina’s general election, set for Tuesday, November 6, is just 21 days away. The governor’s race and every House of Representatives seat is on the ballot. This is a particularly important election as lawmakers are expected to vote on a medical cannabis bill in 2019, and it will likely need the support of the governor. Those in office will have a huge impact on the future of South Carolina’s patients and their treatment options.

Our voter guide is now available online. It includes all House candidates who either co-sponsored the 2018 medical cannabis bill or who responded to our questionnaire on medical cannabis support. It also includes committee votes and the candidates for governor. While James Smith (D) is a strong supporter of allowing medical cannabis, Gov. Henry McMaster (R) said he would not sign a bill unless law enforcement signs off — which they show no inclination of doing.

Voters’ choices this year will have a huge impact on the future of cannabis policy in the state. If you are registered to vote, know where your candidates stand, and be sure to vote!

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you have until October 17. For more information,

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The Illinois general election is around the corner

The Illinois general election takes place on November 6. It’s fast approaching, and voters this year will have a huge impact on the future of cannabis policy in Illinois. Lawmakers continue to look closely at ending marijuana prohibition and legalizing cannabis for adults 21 and over, and the differences between the two major party candidates for governor couldn’t be bigger on this issue: JB Pritzker (D) has come out in strong support of legalizing and regulating marijuana, while Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) remains opposed.

Take a minute to check out our Illinois Voter Guide and see where the candidates on your ballot stand on cannabis reform. Not all the candidates have a voting history on cannabis bills in the state House or Senate, but for those that do, we’ve summarized the voting record on key cannabis-related bills over the past several years.

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you have until October 21 to register online. For more information, including where you can cast your ballot and when voting locations will be open, check out the state’s website here.

In nearby Michigan, voters will have an opportunity to legalize marijuana themselves. But in Illinois, there’s no citizen initiative process,

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Nova Scotia Sets Prices for Weed, but Says Supply Will Be Limited at First

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation has set its initial prices for cannabis — but says it will have less than 40 per cent of requested quantities on hand when the drug is legalized for recreational use on Wednesday.

The corporation says it had expected to offer 300 products representing 78 strains, but has been reduced to 97 products representing 52 strains due to supply problems it says are being experienced nationwide.

Cannabis will be sold at 12 locations across the province under three categories: Value — priced at between $6.33 and $8.49 per gram; Core — sold at between $9.00 and $10.98 per gram; and Premium — priced at $10.99 per gram and above.

– Read the entire article at Financial Post.

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Ahead of Cannabis Legalization in Canada, Facebook Lifts Ban on Weed Pages

As the legalization of cannabis comes to Canada this week, Facebook has ended its “shadow ban” of cannabis-themed pages. Last week the social media platform announced the changes, which became effective on October 11. Prior to that time, search results were filtered to exclude pages with words such as “cannabis” and “marijuana” in the title. Even pages for government regulators like California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control were affected by the ban. Additionally, many cannabis pages were deleted without warning by Facebook.

Sarah Pollack, a spokeswoman for Facebook, told MarketWatch via email that the new policy will allow cannabis pages for legitimate businesses and organizations while minimizing illegal drug sales.

“We are constantly working to improve our search results so that we minimize the opportunity for people to attempt illicit drug sales while showing content that is allowed on Facebook and is relevant to what you are searching,” Pollack said. “When searching ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana,’ Pages that have been verified for authenticity will now be included in search results.”

New Verification Process

Pollack said that cannabis organizations and businesses who complete a verification process will now be included in results of searches of those words. The company will continue to monitor the

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B.C.’s Weed Dispensaries Advised to Shut Down by Wednesday if They Want to Operate Legally

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth is advising dispensary owners who hope to legally operate recreational marijuana shops in B.C. to shut their doors before Wednesday.

Farnworth spoke to reporters on Monday morning, two days before cannabis becomes legal in Canada. There will be one government-run store open, in Kamloops, on Wednesday and no private stores have yet been approved to open through the permitting process.

“My advice is that there are new rules coming into effect on October 17 and they should abide by those rules,” said Farnworth. “There is no grandfathering of dispensaries. They have to apply like everyone else. My understanding is a lot of them are applying and they have to go through the local government approval process.”

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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Georgia Cops Called About Potential Domestic Abuse Arrest Actress Erica Mena For Weed Instead

Reality show performer Erica Mena’s roommate didn’t realize reporting a potential domestic abuse situation would send her to jail on charges of marijuana possession. On Friday night in John Creek, Georgia, witnesses at the house of the Love & Hip Hop cast member heard the sound of someone getting slapped upstairs. They decided to call the police and both Mena and her boyfriend Clifford Dixon were taken into custody. Dixon was picked up for criminal trespass and Mena found herself headed to jail when cops found “baggies of weed and possible THC wax in her bedroom and her kitchen,” reports TMZ.

According to Source, Mena posted bail and will have a court date in a few weeks. She looks irate in her mugshot, which is a fair reaction to the situation. Though the police found no visible marks on either Mena or Dixon related to the slap, two people did confirm at the scene that a broken door had been kicked down by Dixon when Mena locked it to hide from him. Cops seem to have been unable to hold their focus on the potential domestic violence situation when they discovered evidence that an adult woman had been smoking and dabbing

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