Arizona Issues Interim Final Regulations AND New Recreational Licenses

Exciting times have arrived in Arizona’s cannabis industry! The Arizona Department of Health Services (the “Department”) (1) released final interim rules for recreational licensees, and (2) issued new recreational licenses. As noted by Marijuana Moment’s Kyle Jaeger, the marks the fastest transition from voter approval to sales implementation of any state that has legalized marijuana to date.

Specifically, on January 22, 2021, the Department issued 86 new licenses for adult use or recreational use marijuana (CLICK HERE for the list). By happenstance, I drove by the Harvest dispensary in North Scottsdale on Friday (January 22), and the lines were literally around the building! So, it appears that recreational sales have started out strong in Arizona.

The Department also released final interim rules for adult use establishments in January 2021, that were effective as of January 15, 2021 (CLICK HERE to view the regulations). Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Department released a redline of the regulations that show the changes from the draft rules to the interim final rules. However, I will discuss a few of the more important changes below.

It’s worth noting too that the Department did not make changes to certain rules notwithstanding public requests to

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Recreational Cannabis Sales In Arizona Bring New Jobs – And Long Lines

A day after Arizona dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana, the long lines haven’t slowed — but this could be a benefit to thousands in the state that are unemployed.

Territory Dispensary was one of more than 80 businesses to receive a license Friday from the Department of Health Services to legally sell recreational marijuana.

Sure enough, the demand was there.

FOX 10 asked Robert Smith, general manager for Territory, if there’s a concern their product will run out.

– Read the entire article at Fox 10 Phoenix.

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Circle K is the Latest Company to Take on a Cannabis Business in a Trademark Dispute

Earlier this month, Circle K Stores Inc., owner and operator of the chain of Circle K convenience stores, filed a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) Notice of Opposition against Medical Marijuana, Inc., a California company with a pending U.S. federal trademark application for the following design mark (the “MM ‘K’ Mark”):

The MM “K” Mark was filed to cover the following services in Class 035:

Marketing consultation in the field of botanical products and hemp-based products, namely, hemp-based personal care products, anti-aging products, food and nutritional supplements, chewing gums, candies, beverages, edible oils, and vaporizers; retail services provided through direct solicitation by a network of independent distributors and independent representatives directed to end-users featuring botanical products and hemp-based products containing or derived from cannabis with a delta-9 THC concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, namely, non-medicated hemp-based personal care products, non-medicated anti-aging products, and vaporizers; online retail store for botanical products and hemp-based products containing or derived from cannabis with a delta-9 THC concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, namely, non-medicated hemp-based personal care products, non-medicated anti-aging products, and vaporizers.

Circle K owns a number of

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Warm Up and Calm Down this Winter with CBD-Infused Soup

Kitchen Toke’s Golden Beet Soup & Roasted Vegetable And Lentil Soup

In the newly released winter issue of Kitchen Toke magazine, author Laura Lagano writes in the “Unsung Cannabinoids Explained” cover story, “In our current worldwide pandemic, we now have an added global anxiety disorder.”

This week, anxiety across America is heightened even more with a transition of power unlike history has ever experienced before, making a stronger case for CBD consumption and revisiting the benefits of the all-star cannabis plant compound.

Lagano, who also published the 2019 book “The CBD Oil Miracle,” continues, “The reason why CBD works to quell anxiety is because it is psychoactive,” debunking the most common misconception that it’s not (it’s just less psychoactive than THC). “Unlike THC, CBD does not bind to our cannabinoid receptors in the body. Rather, CBD acts indirectly in the endocannabinoid system by interacting with other receptor systems in the body.”

– Read the entire article at Aspen Times.

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Queen’s Windsor Farm Shop Selling ‘Popular’ Cannabis-Infused Drinks

The Queen’s Windsor Farm Shop is selling cannabis-infused energy drinks that are flying off the shelves as customers buy in bulk.

The farm shop is selling an energy drink called Trip, made from the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD).

Trip comes in four flavours and has been extremely popular at Her Majesty’s Windsor Farm Shop.

A source told The Sun: “The drinks are quite quirky but very unusual for a farm shop — especially one run by the Queen.

– Read the entire article at NZ Herald.

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Does My International Cannabis Business Need to Pay U.S. Federal or State Taxes?

We regularly field inquiries from international companies and existing international clients regarding U.S. cannabis business operations. This post and the two that follow will answer questions for foreign cannabis companies regarding when they need to pay U.S. federal and state income taxes, when they need to register a U.S. business entity, and what options are available to them to establish U.S.-based banking operations.

First, you need to recognize that your law firm will stay within its core area of expertise and focus on the legal requirements of your business rather than the execution of your tax obligations. You will want to engage a U.S.-based accounting firm to help with ensuring your tax filings are completed on time and accurately. This may mean you need to hire a CPA firm with international tax expertise and a local CPA firm where you do business in the U.S. Or you may want to hire one international CPA firm to deal with both your international and domestic tax obligations.

Many of our international cannabis clients have been very successful in their home countries and have started to engage in some U.S. sales. These sales may be accomplished directly from abroad to consumers, from abroad

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Florida Lawmakers Pushing For Cannabis Law Changes And Reform

One pair of Florida lawmakers is aiming to improve the state’s existing medical marijuana law, while another legislative duo is out to change the state’s relationship with pot altogether. 

Taken together, 2021 could be a year of cannabis reform in the Sunshine State.

A proposal from state Senator Tina Polsky and state Representative Nicholas Duran, both Democrats representing South Florida, would close a loophole in the state’s medical cannabis law that still opens the door for public employees to get fired for using the treatment.

“So you’re allowed to use medical marijuana if you have a proper license but if you get drug tested at work having nothing to do with your performance you can be fired for using a legal substance,” Polsky said, as quoted by local news outlet WLRN. 

According to WLRN, the bill “would prevent public employers from firing, demoting, or suspending someone who tests positive” if they can show a valid medical marijuana card after a positive result. 

“In the event someone takes a drug test and they test positive for marijuana they should be able to sort of explain and show that they are registered,” said Duran, as quoted by WLRN. “That they are using

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Netherlands To Supply Medical Cannabis Until July Despite Brexit Ban

The mother of a nine-year-old boy with a severe and rare form of epilepsy who was told Brexit would end the supply of a life-changing cannabis medicine that saved her son’s life has been given a six-month reprieve.

Hannah Deacon said she was hugely grateful after being given the lifeline by the Dutch government, which has sanctioned continued supply of the medicines despite a Brexit ban on fulfilling prescriptions from the UK.

She received a letter on Thursday from the Department of Health to inform her that the government in the Netherlands, where the medicine was created, had “confirmed that they will allow continued supply of Bedrocan oil against UK prescriptions for existing patients until 1 July 2021”.

“I cried when I read it. I sat and cried. I was told online and I was quite surprised to be honest. I’ve spent the last two weeks terrified that Alfie’s seizures will recur because of the fact that we could not get any more Bedrolite [Bedrocan]. I didn’t feel that the Department of Health took it seriously enough to keep that medicine supply line safe so I was very angry about that, and very upset,” she said.

– Read the entire

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If You’re A Cannabis Patient In Utah, Here’s Why You Can No Longer Cross Borders For Marijuana

A recent survey showed nearly 60% of patients still consider buying cannabis from black market and out-of-state sources.

Last year, Chelsie Warren quit her job as a bus driver so she’d be free to sign up as one of Utah’s first cannabis patient cardholders and qualify for the plant-based treatment that soothes her chronic back pain.

She’s found a new job since then and doesn’t regret the trade-off.

But the Garland resident is disappointed she has to drive 40 minutes to the nearest cannabis pharmacy — which is often sold out of the gummies that provide her relief and sometimes also out of the raw flower she uses as a backup. She’s traveled outside Utah, where she says dispensaries are better-stocked and prices are lower, several times.

– Read the entire article at The Salt Lake Tribune.

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Multiple Non-Violent Cannabis Offenders Pardoned on Trump’s Last Day

CANNABIS CULTURE – Former President Donald Trump’s list of last-day pardons included 12 people imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses, some of who were under life-without-parole sentences. 

Last Prisoner Project Executive Director and General Counsel, Sarah Gersten said in a press release that the act was, “…further evidence of the overwhelming bipartisan support for broad-based cannabis policy reforms.”

Corvain Cooper, 41, was sentenced to life without parole for distribution of marijuana and money laundering. Cooper has served more than 7 years in prison. Upon release, he plans to take care of his family and work for his local church.

Cooper told CAN-DO Clemency, “When the judge tells you that you have a life sentence, it feels as if you actually have a death sentence. For that is what it actually is, a natural death sentence.”

John Knock, 73, was sentenced to life in prison for a marijuana conspiracy charge. In prison, he was known as the professor and has taught various classes on exercise, construction, and meditation. He plans on living in Philadelphia.

Ferrell Damon Scott, 56, was sentenced to life without parole for conspiracy and possession of marijuana. Acting United States Attorney Sam Sheldon wrote he strongly does not believe

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