Arizona Cities Ban Recreational Only Marijuana Establishments

Arizonans knew zoning issues could cause headaches for dispensary owners. However, what was unanticipated are the new bans by some of the Arizona cities for recreational marijuana establishments.

Shortly after the passage of Proposition 207, otherwise known as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (the “Act”), several Arizona cities moved to ban recreational marijuana sales, unless the dispensary is a “dual licensee”. A dual licensee means an establishment that is licensed both as a medical marijuana establishment and an adult use (or recreational) establishment. The Act specifically allows dispensary owners to hold both licenses (medical and recreational) and to sell both types of products from the same dispensary location. The cities in Arizona, like Mesa, found a way to end run the Act, by prohibiting, among other things, recreational only marijuana dispensaries. While Mesa and the other Arizona cities are certainly allowed to pass such ordinances, it certainly appears to frustrate the purpose of the Act, even though apparently lawful to do so.

Why did these cities seek a ban of recreational only establishments? There have been several theories espoused by others. As the Phoenix New Times reported:

Others have since followed Gilbert[] [Arizona’s] lead, creating de-facto monopolies for

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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opens In Park City – KPCW

 Medical cannabis card holders near Park City will now have access to a local dispensary after the grand opening of the Wasatch Back’s only medical marijuana pharmacy.  

Listen to this report as it aired on KPCW 91.7

After overcoming a number of hurdles with construction and the pandemic, Deseret Wellness opened their doors on Kearns Boulevard to the public Thursday. 

Jeremy Sumerix, marketing president of the dispensary, said after their ribbon cutting event earlier this month, they saw their first customer Thursday morning. 

  “It’s been very exciting,” Sumerix said. “And it has been busy. We had a handful of patients waiting outside for us to open at 11 o’clock, which is great. The good news is we were staffed for the unknown, so we’re going to be able to take care of everyone who comes in today.”

He said the opening went off without a hitch. 

“Most of the team has done extensive training in our location down in Provo, so there won’t be the issues with the learning curve ect.” he said. “And the systems, all of the programs have been working beautifully. So far, so good.”

Patients need to have a cannabis card and

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Dispensary Software Market 2021: Global Trends, Business Overview, Challenges, Opportunities Analysis and Forecast to 2027 – NY Market Reports

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Global Dispensary POS Software Market Top Manufacturers Analysis by 2026: BioTrack, MJ Freeway, Greenbits, Cova POS, IndicaOnline etc. – South Florida Theater Review

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Global Dispensary Software Market Top Manufacturers Analysis by 2026: COVA, BioTrack THC, MJ Freeway, Greenbits, IndicaOnline etc. – South Florida Theater Review – South Florida Theater Review

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County's pot discussions continue as dispensary application deadline looms – Today's News-Herald

The license application deadline for establishments looking to sell recreational marijuana is less than two weeks away. Meanwhile, Mohave County Supervisors plan to continue rezoning discussions on Monday.

Now that recreational marijuana sales are legal in Arizona, Mohave County has to make some ordinance changes to fall in line with the law. Those changes were initially discussed during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Feb. 1, but they were eventually tabled for March 1 to allow staff more time to research available methods to limit marijuana establishments in rural residential areas and look at how other cities and counties are addressing the new law. The postponement will also allow further public discussion.

County zoning rules apply to non-incorporated areas of the county, such as Desert Hills. Lake Havasu City has already adopted its own rules on where marijuana businesses may located.

“Early applicants” that wish to sell recreational marijuana have until March 9 to apply for an adult use license through the Arizona Department of Health Services. An early applicant is defined by ADHS as “an entity seeking to operate a marijuana establishment in a county with fewer than two registered nonprofit medical

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Global Dispensary POS Software Market 2020 Key Industry Solutions, Emerging Opportunities, Applications & Trends – BioTrack, MJ Freeway, Greenbits, Cova POS – NeighborWebSJ – NeighborWebSJ

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Defendant Targets Difficult Dispensary for Robbery, Quickly Detained by Security – The People’s Vanguard of Davis

By William McCurry

SACRAMENTO, CA – Banks might be difficult to rob, but defendant Kevin Thompson in a preliminary trial here in Sacramento County Superior Court last week allegedly took on another difficult target – a  marijuana dispensary with security present.

Two Rivers Dispensary, much like other marijuana dispensaries, has a lobby where you wait to be let into the bud room where all the product is located.

Deputy District Attorney Allison Wieder called Sacramento Police Department officer Michelle Owen, who was dispatched on Nov. 15, 2020 to Two Rivers Dispensary after a “panic alarm” there was activated.

When she arrived Thompson was flat on his stomach near the side of the building with some product from inside the dispensary. She was informed that security told him to get on the ground.

After Owen saw the defendant on the ground, she went inside the dispensary to talk to one of the workers who was working in the bud room. The worker informed her that he heard loud banging on the window that startled him because he thought Thompson was going to break the window.

Shortly after he heard the banging on the window, he saw Thompson walk in the

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Marijuana dispensary director charged with negligent arson – KRQE News 13

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – The executive director of a marijuana dispensary in Santa Fe has been charged in connection with a fire. Carlos Gonzales with New Mexi-Cann Natural Medicine is facing two felony counts of negligent arson, stemming from the incident at the dispensary back in October.

Former marijuana dispensary employee sues owners after lab explosion

According to the criminal complaint, two people were working in the extraction room when a fire broke out. Two employees suffered severe burns and were air-lifted to a Colorado hospital with life-threatening injuries. The Fire Marshall states the fire broke out because of an unapproved system that the company wasn’t licensed to use.

This isn’t the first time a fire had broken out at this facility. There was a similar incident in 2015. The employees told the Fire Marshall that they had brought the unapproved system to Gonzales’s attention in attempt to prevent a repeat of that 2015 incident, but that Gonzales dismissed their complaints, stating, “if it weights, it pays.”

A summons has been issued for Gonzales. He’s due to appear in court next month.

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