Verano Opening MÜV Palatka, Its 55th Cannabis Dispensary In Florida – Benzinga

Verano Holdings Corp. VRNOF VRNO is opening MÜV Palatka on August 12. The company’s 55th Florida dispensary and 109th nationwide, MÜV Palatka, located at 850 S Moody Rd, Suite 151, will be open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., local time.

“MÜV Palatka adds another convenient location for Northeast Florida patients to access our suite of premium cannabis products while experiencing our patient-centric hospitality,” stated John Tipton, president of Verano. “We are excited to continue growing our presence in the Palatka area and look forward to welcoming patients at MÜV Palatka for years to come.”

MÜV dispensaries feature online menus for browsing of their product selection, including the company’s signature Verano Reserve flower line. The company also offers one-on-one virtual and in-store consultations at no cost to the patient, and provides patient-centric concierge services via phone, email, web chat and text to address patient questions and inquiries. For additional convenience, patients can choose to order ahead at MÜV’s website or through the MÜV mobile application available in the Google Play and Apple App stores for express in-store pickup.

MÜV’s product selection includes edibles, chocolates and lozenges, flower, pre-rolls, an array of vaporizer

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L.A. County Commercial Cannabis Tax Measure is Here

L.A. County commercial cannabis is finally coming in 2023. We covered the breaking news about L.A. County commercial cannabis regulations here. This is a huge deal, because L.A. County is the biggest county in the U.S. with over 9 million residents.

L.A. County plans to allow the following businesses in in its borders in 2023: 25 retail, 25 delivery, 10 cultivation (indoor or mixed light only), 10 distribution, and 10 testing licenses. Priority goes to equity applicants.

The exact licensing/permitting process has yet to be revealed. We can really only tell what the general “framework” for it is. Nonetheless, the local approval process should be in place by 2023. For now though, we’re getting a look at the proposed L.A. County Commercial Cannabis tax measure.

L.A. County Commercial Cannabis Tax

The County is putting a ballot measure before voters regarding how commercial cannabis businesses in the unincorporated parts of the County should be taxed. A copy of the measure and ordinance can be found here.

On November 8th of this year, County residents will make the call on whether to apply a general tax to cannabis businesses. That general tax will go to the County’s general fund, and will be

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Hermosa Beach moves closer to allowing cannabis delivery from outside city – Daily Breeze

Hermosa Beach could soon allow outside cannabis dispensaries to make deliveries in the seaside town, even as the city’s elected officials oppose efforts to allow marijuana sales.

The City Council this week voted to allow and regulate cannabis deliveries into Hermosa Beach from outside dispensaries.

The council must still vote one more time before the ordinance officially passes, and then it would go into effect 30 days after that second approval. But if it does go into effect, the ordinance would require companies that deliver cannabis to have a city permit. It would also limit when deliveries could occur, among other regulations.

The council’s move to allow a sliver of the cannabis industry to operate in the city came even as Hermosa’s approximately 5-year-old bans on commercial cannabis remain in place — though voters could soon override those.

Votrers will decide during the Nov. 8 election whether to support a resident-led ballot initiative that would allow two cannabis shops to operate in Hermosa. The City Council in May voted unanimously to oppose that ballot measure.

Then, in July, the council voted to place its own a measure on the Nov. 8 ballot that would allow up to a 10% tax on cannabis

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Ayr Wellness Opens 50th Florida Medical Cannabis Dispensary – New Cannabis Ventures

Ayr Wellness Celebrates Milestone in Florida with the Opening of its 50th Retail Store in the State

MIAMI, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ayr Wellness Inc. (CSE: AYR.A, OTCQX: AYRWF) (“Ayr” or the “Company”), a leading vertically integrated U.S. multi-state cannabis operator, announces the opening of its 50th Florida dispensary, located in Jacksonville.

Since acquiring Liberty Health Sciences in 2021, we have rapidly expanded our footprint in Florida, adding an additional 19 retail stores in prime locations.

Jonathan Sandelman, Founder and CEO of Ayr

We’re proud to deliver on our mission of making high-quality cannabis more accessible to Florida patients by serving 50 local communities throughout the state, with more to come. We’ve invested heavily in the state of Florida because we believe it will be one of the largest cannabis markets in the country, and we’re excited with the progress that our team has made.

The 50th store spans 4,500+ sq. ft. of retail space and reflects the elevated retail design showcased at the two recently opened AYR adult use dispensaries in Greater Boston and representing the future of the Company’s presence in

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PONDERING POT: Dispensaries proliferating with no end in sight, but there are challenges – Chickasha Express Star

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It’s no secret that the City of Tahlequah is home to a number of medical marijuana dispensaries – and there doesn’t seem to be any limit in site to the industry’s growth.

Tahlequah Compliance Coordinator Ray Hammons said there are 25 licensed dispensaries in the city so far, but there has been talk of limiting the number establishments like other municipalities are starting to do.

“That’s how many we have in the city that have licenses. Now some of those aren’t open yet, but they’ve got licenses to open,” Hammons said.

The former fire chief said the city doesn’t have an ordinance limiting the number marijuana dispensaries, but he knows of some municipalities that have taken that step.

“At some point in time, we’re going to have to do something, and I don’t know what the answer is going to be. There’ll have to be some research done, and I know that question has been raised at times,” he said.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jason Chennault said deputies responded to several burglary reports at dispensaries soon after medical marijuana was legalized in 2018.

“Luckily, they’ve

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Halo Collective Receives All Regulatory Approvals for its Third Budega™ Dispensary in Hollywood, Halo’s first Superstore – Technical420 – Technical420

Halo Collective Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO) (OTCQX: HCANF) (Germany: A9KN) today announced that its Budega Hollywood Dispensary, the Company’s first superstore,  passed its Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (the “DCR”) inspection and is expected to open in 2022. Given the larger square footage, the Company anticipates, after a ramp-up period, Budega Hollywood to be the Company’s top grossing retail store with up to $15 million in annual sales per year.

Budega Hollywood Dispensary, the Company’s first superstore, passed its Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (the “DCR”) inspection and is expected to open in 2022. (CNW Group/Halo Collective Inc.)

CEO and Director Katie Field commented, “This is a significant milestone towards our third planned Budega opening in the Los Angeles market. It will be the first superstore format for Budega as well. As we complete the build-out of this flagship location, we plan to simultaneously prepare the groundwork for opening, including hiring, training, and back-end infrastructure. We are extremely pleased with the location and design for our flagship dispensary and look forward to welcoming Hollywood locals and tourists alike.”

Budega Hollywood Inspection Approval

On Thursday, August 4, 2022, Budega Hollywood successfully passed the DCR’s final site inspection

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Medical dispensaries are ready, and have a leg up, if marijuana is fully legalized in Missouri – KMBC Kansas City

New ballot language could legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri.It’s on the ballot for voters to decide in November. In North Kansas City, a dispensary, BesaMe Wellness, already has a medical license. That means it would be easier for this business to go recreational.The products they offer could soon gain a whole new market.“Literally, I just go ‘it’s on the ballot,’ and everybody just let out a rolling cheer through the office,” said Aaron Turvey, who helps with transportation for BesaMe’s products.He says business will be good if voters approve recreational marijuana in November.“A moderate market that goes from medical to mature rec is double, triple, even up to quintuple just as far as revenue and volume,” Turvey said. Alex Hansen is glad it could help people with criminal records or renters’ violations who have used marijuana in the past.She says giving people more options helps.“I think the more exposure you get to it and the people that didn’t really have that exposure now do, mindsets change,” Hansen said. A recent survey showed that 62% of Missourians support full legalization. An estimated 38% are still opposed, and even some in the industry are critical of the new ballot language. They

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Sterling Heights divided on whether to allow marijuana dispensaries – FOX 2 Detroit

Emotions run high in debate over whether Sterling Heights should allow pot dispensaries

On Wednesday residents sounded off on whether the city would allow marijuana dispensaries to open for business. Many said no way.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (FOX 2)Sterling Heights is the fourth-largest city in Michigan – and although marijuana is legal in the state, there are no places to buy it there. Yet.

On Wednesday residents sounded off on whether the city would allow marijuana dispensaries to open for business. Many said no way.

“This is totally ridiculous to have this come into Sterling Heights. It’s totally unnecessary and it’s totally unwanted,” said one woman at the meeting.

“I think I can proudly say my kids have not been involved in drugs, but now you want to sell marijuana in the community when Sterling Heights is a family-oriented city,” said resident Heidi Allen. “We’d like to keep it that way.”

Officials say such facilities are not allowed per city ordinance now. The question is whether the people would be open to changing that. The public forum saw feelings split down the middle.

“I think Sterling Heights needs it,” said Sanford Williams.

Williams said he plans to open

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Best Cannabis Dispensary Law Firms in Alaska – Benzinga

Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA), cannabis usage and possession in the United States are illegal. While this law remains valid at the federal level, most states in the U.S have legalized cannabis consumption and sale for medical and recreational usage. In 2014, the state of Alaska became one of the earliest states to legalize cannabis — a step in the right direction even though some legislative frameworks seem stringent. 

The Alaska cannabis laws apply to every party involved in the circulation of marijuana, from growth to consumption — producers, sellers and distributors within the Alaska state boundaries. As a cannabis dispensary, understanding the cannabis legislation and the protection it offers you against non-compliance is a must. Not only does this help shorten your business growth curve, but it also makes navigating the tangle of compliance acts easier.

While legally regulating cannabis use and distribution are excellent for the development of the cannabis industry in Alaska, it can also stifle upstarts with little to no experience in the industry. However, with enough knowledge and legal expertise at your fingertips, you can avoid making wrong turns that can derail your enterprise’s growth or success. Easier access to legal advice related to

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