Every Recreational Cannabis Delivery Service, by State

Now kick back, and wait for your greens to come to you.

Across all the tendrils of the cannabis industry to have taken root since legalization, delivery has had a harder time than most. Legislators’ fears around the risks of selling cannabis from a physical dispensary are compounded at the idea of 22-year-old budtenders driving weed to nice, family-filled neighborhoods all over the states, resulting in a shockingly small handful of states with legal delivery services. Of the 11 states (plus Washington, D.C.) in which adults can legally enjoy cannabis, you can only order it to be delivered in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Michigan. For now.

The boom in delivery services following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has not escaped the cannabis industry. Quarantine shopping has helped the industry pull through the last six weeks, allowing dispensaries in those states to cash in on the lucrative combination of a contagious outbreak, stay-at-home ordinances, and a collective anxiety attack.

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Cannaflour Keto Pumpkin Loaf

Keto is the nutritional diet taking the health world by storm. Only way to make keto better? Add a little canna! Read on for a simple breakdown on making your own cannaflour to use in our Keto Pumpkin Loaf! Furthermore, more individuals are turning to CBD edibles, like Tribe CBD Gummies, for their dose of daily CBD. If you would rather make your own cannaflour, feel free to follow the recipe below!

What is cannaflour and how is it made?
Not like butter or cooking oil infusions, cannaflour encompasses cooking with and consuming ground-up cannabis. Cannaflour is easy to prepare and is a core staple of cooking with cannabis. To properly prepare your cannaflour, be sure you are using cannabis that has been decarboxylated cannabis (aka, heated) ground very finely. The preparation and storage of cannaflour is very important, to ensure freshness and taste. To decarboxylate your cannabis, preheat oven to 200-250 degrees. On a large baking sheet, spread your cannabis and place in oven between 40-60 minutes, rotating the sheet or flipping the cannabis throughout to ensure even heating. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Next grind your cannabis as finely as possible, using a blender or food processor.

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Smoker Farms Bringing Craft-Style Cannabis to Beaverdell

Husband-wife team growing small-scale cultivations of marijuana.

Jeff Aubin is looking to bring better bud to the legal cannabis market with Smoker Farms.

Located in Beaverdell, the small-batch husband-and-wife-run cannabis farm aims for higher quality weed than what a factory farm can mass produce. For Aubin, who lives in Kelowna, it’s the care and effort that goes into the bud that helps make it better.

“The legal weed market, it doesn’t really have a supply of good cannabis, as far as I’m concerned,” said Aubin. “There’s many more like me, who think there’s just no love, it’s mass-produced garbage, it comes to you in little containers, and it’s usually bone-dry.”

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There’s Progress In The Cannabis Sector Across Thailand And Brazil

Thailand is paving its way toward allowing private production and sale of marijuana for medical use.

According to Reuters, the country’s cabinet approved amendments to its narcotics act on Tuesday. Once they are legally reviewed, the amendments will be sent before the Thai parliament.

Thailand legalized marijuana in 2017, and was the first Southeast Asian nation to do so.

“The law will promote the pharmaceutical industry and increase competitiveness,” said Anutin Charnvirakul, Public Health Minister.

The country aims to become a leader in medical cannabis, added Charnvirakul.

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Enforcement Alone Won’t End California’s Illicit Market

It seems like every week, there’s a new announcement of state or local enforcement actions or raids of allegedly unlicensed cannabis operators in California. Some time ago, this would have been welcome news to many licensed cannabis businesses in the Golden State that pay large sums of money to get licensed while illicit market operators can offer cheaper, tax-free products to consumers at a huge competitive (though not legal) advantage. Nevertheless, it’s becoming clearer that nothing the state is doing is really changing the illicit market, and this offers little solace to the participants in the regulated market.

To date, legislative efforts to ratchet up penalties haven’t really disincentivized unlicensed activity. For example, AB-97, a bill that passed in mid-2019 that authorized penalties of up to $30,000 per day for unlicensed activities, didn’t end California’s illicit market. In fact, a few months after that law passed, I wrote a post citing a then-recent audit that showed that there were nearly 3,000 unlicensed cannabis businesses in the state.

As I write this post, California continues to struggle with its illicit market. The state is considering adopting another bill (AB-2122) that would authorize similar, $30,000/day penalties against landlords and other third

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Did You Just Issue Cannabis Securities? Top 10 “Go to Jail” Scenarios

I can’t count how many times I have been talking to a client about a business venture, and I stop them in the middle of their explanation and say, “You just issued securities.” I get a blank stare looking back at me. Then I say, “Securities is one thing you do not want to get wrong as a business owner. You can go to prison for securities fraud if you get it wrong. The consequences are bad – very, very bad.”

Then I get a panicked stare looking back at me, and we proceed to clean up what could have been an awful mess that would cut straight through the “limited liability” protection of their business entity. Federal securities regulators (primarily the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)) and state securities regulators do not mess around, and they love to nail companies for securities issues (see SEC Sues Cannabis Players for $25 Million Offering Fraud).

I am sorry for doing this to you at the outset, but I need to start with a really long definition. It’s important. I promise. It could keep you out of jail. You need to know what a “security” is, especially if you are a cannabis

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