Connecticut Cannabis Legalization Bill Advances

A bill that would legalize recreational cannabis in Connecticut was approved by a legislative committee on Monday, after a pointed debate on the social equity aspects of the legalization of marijuana. The measure, House Bill 7371, was advanced with a vote of 10-8 in the Joint Committee on General Law and would still have to be passed by the Connecticut House and Senate before becoming law with the governor’s signature.

If successful, the measure would legalize and regulate commercial cannabis cultivation, processing, and sales in the state. Companion measures that would tax the cannabis industry and address criminal justice matters including the expungement of past marijuana crimes are being considered by other legislative committees.

Cannabis legalization supporter and Democrat Rep. Juan Candelaria said that regulating marijuana will provide a source of new revenue to benefit residents of the state.

“We have a black market and we stay idle and do nothing, that black market is going to continue to thrive,” said Candelaria. “The opportunity for us to regulate this market and utilize these dollars and really invest them … in addiction care, that goes a long way.”

Social Equity a Sticking Point

Much of the debate over HB 7371 centered

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Can smoking whole flower marijuana actually be good for you?

Can smoking marijuana be good for you?

When the good people of the state of Florida voted to expand their medical marijuana program to actually include marijuana there was no question in anyone’s mind at the time that this included smokable forms of marijuana — eg. dried flower (aka bud), hashish, rosin, and cannabis oil. However, when lawmakers got their hands on the constitutional amendment (no less), they decided that they know better than the majority of their constituents and that it was their job to protect the public by prohibiting the sale and use of smokable forms of marijuana because, well, smoking is bad for you, right? But is it really?

Before we answer that question, let us point out that the Florida situation actually has a happy ending. Florida attorney, John Morgan, who bankrolled the voter initiative to expand access to medical marijuana took it upon himself to put together a case against the state to overturn the smokables ban. The courts agreed that the intention of the measure was to include smokables as a form of administering medicinal cannabis. So did the incoming governor who insisted that lawmakers regroup on the matter and legalize smokables. They did so in short order by a unanimous vote.

Is smoking marijuana bad for you?

Let’s start out by stating the obvious: all things in moderation. If you’re spending the bulk of your days huffing on a bong or lipping blunts, you’re probably going to mess up your lungs. In fact, there is evidence that excessive pot smoking can cause chronic bronchitis. What there is not is evidence that smoking weed causes lung cancer. In fact, cannabis might even prevent lung cancer.

In the spring of 2005, Donald Tashkin, a professor of pulmonology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine claimed that….


Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Approved by Texas House Committee

Texas State Representative Joe Moody’s House Bill 63 made it out of the House’s Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Monday on the power of a 5-2 vote in its favor. With the proposed legislation’s movement, it’s beginning to look more likely that Texas will see jail time taken off the table for those caught with small amounts of cannabis on their person.

The bill was introduced by Moody back in November, on the very first day it was possible to file for this year’s legislative session. If passed, it would change the punishment for an individual’s first offense of small scale possession of marijuana (here defined as less than an ounce) from up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine to a $250 — still a weighty penalty, but nothing compared to the current law. A third possession offense would raise the crime to a Class C misdemeanor subject to a fine not exceeding $500. The bill would not affect current laws against driving while high.

“We are very optimistic about the chances of HB 63 passing on the floor of the Texas House,” director of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy Heather Fazio told Marijuana Moment. “Overall, lawmakers on

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Bipartisan Cannabis Business Banking Bill Goes to House Committee

On Tuesday, March 26th, the House Financial Service Committee will take up, debate and vote on the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, a bi-partisan bill addressing the cannabis industry’s banking crisis. A yes vote on the SAFE Act would represent a crucial milestone in federal marijuana policy and pave the way for major financial institutions to work with legal cannabis businesses. But just days ahead of the committee markup, a key sponsor of the bill moved to add provisions that would help to further diversity and inclusion across the industry.

Passage of the SAFE Banking Act Would Clear a Major Roadblock to Cannabis Industry Growth

For years, federal legislators on both sides of the aisle have tried to pass laws to protect banks who do businesses with state-legal cannabis companies. Without those protections, federally regulated financial institutions have largely refused to provide services to cannabis industry participants. Since federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, banks who work with cannabis businesses are vulnerable to federal prosecution.

But under the SAFE Banking Act, the federal government would no longer consider proceeds from cannabis and cannabis-related business transactions as proceeds from unlawful activity. And that means that banks

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Where Will Toronto Residents Be Able to Buy Legal Weed?

The address fifth and final cannabis shop has finally been revealed, just six days before all the stores are set to open.

While it’s unknown whether all five stores will be ready for the public on April 1, as only one is fully licensed, here is where they will all be located.

1. The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 202 Queen Street West
Status of retail cannabis license: issued

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. was the first and is the only pot store, so far, to receive a cannabis retail license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission

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Florida Farmers May Soon Be Allowed to Grow Hemp

A Florida legislative panel approved a bill on Monday that would legalize industrial agriculture and give farmers in the state a new crop for their operations. The measure, Senate Bill 1020 (SB1020), was approved by a unanimous vote of the Senate Agriculture Committee. If passed, SB1020 would authorize the Florida Department of Agriculture to develop a regulatory system for the farming of industrial hemp, which was legalized federally by Congress with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. A similar bill is scheduled to be considered by Florida’s House Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Tuesday.

State Sen. Rob Bradley, the sponsor of the legislation, said that Florida should move quickly now that hemp has been legalized at the federal level.

“We want to be a leader in hemp, rather than a follower,” said Bradley.

Supporters of the bill say that hemp would give the state another cash crop and could provide farmers and timber companies in areas devastated by Hurricane Michael last year a new opportunity for economic development and recovery.

“The intent here is to get this emerging industry to be viable in the state of Florida and for us to be as cutting edge as possible while also respecting the guide rails

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Blue Moon’s Creator Launched a Cannabis Beer That Sold Out in 4 Hours

Keith Villa achieved a Ph.D. in brewing sciences at the University of Brussels, launched what many consider to be a craft beer pioneer in Blue Moon, and had just retired after a 32-year career at America’s second largest beer maker Molson Coors.

But he just couldn’t bring himself to hang up the brewing cleats as he watched the cannabis wave hit Colorado.

Twenty-four years after Villa finished his most famous recipe for the new beer at Coors Field that came to be called Blue Moon, he’s expanding his own brewing operation and line of cannabis beers that appear to be just as pioneering.

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DEA, Customs and Border Patrol Seek Contractors to Incinerate Narcotics

The DEA and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol are seeking contractors to incinerate drugs seized during criminal investigations and from smuggling operations, according to government notices posted online. In one Federal Business Opportunities posting, the DEA says that it needs a company to destroy evidence located in the Texas cities of Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, San Antonio, Austin, and Waco. Apparently, the DEA has a lot of pot to burn and needs “an incinerator with the capability of destroying marijuana to a point where there are no detectable levels, as measured by standard analytical methods, of byproduct from the destruction process.” The listing notes that the “DEA shall inspect the incinerator to ensure no drug residue remains.”

Strict Requirements for Contractors

A “Statement of Work” goes into greater detail on the Feds’ needs, noting that the incinerator must be capable of processing at least 1,000 pounds of bulk marijuana per hour for a minimum of eight hours in a day and that the drugs are usually composed of tightly compressed bricks or bales. The DEA notes that it is not able to anticipate all the different packaging materials that may accompany the weed to

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New McMaster Cannabis Program Aims to Give People the Facts About Weed

Online program is hosted by McMaster continuing education

McMaster University has launched a new “science of cannabis” program — which the school says is one of the first post-secondary programs in Canada that focuses on the science of pot, alongside its benefits, risks and harms.

It’s a three-course program offered entirely online through McMaster continuing education, and is available to people working in the health, education, public service, and social and community services sectors across the country. These are people who will deal with marijuana on the front lines, but also be responsible for forging policy change about it.

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4 Delicious CBD Smoothie Recipes To Blend Up This Week

Prepare for better mornings and even a sound night’s rest.

Smoothies may already be your current go-to breakfast in the morning, or post-workout refuel in the evening. You probably already love them for the energy, protein, and nutrients they provide. Well, after hearing about the latest smoothie ingredient superstar—CBD—you’re going to be tempted to kick start your blender into overdrive.

Some of the benefits of adding CBD oil to your smoothies may include:

soothe pain
ease anxiety
reduce inflammation
recover from exercise

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