5 Things Everyone Wants To Know About Recreational Marijuana In Illinois, Plus A List Of Illinois Marijuana Stores

Illinois has joined ten other states in the US in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. At the time of writing, Illinois is one of only two states in the midwest along with Michigan to legalize marijuana.

Prior to Jan. 1 only medical marijuana patients were allowed to buy marijuana in Illinois. However, hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Illinois for all residents. Other midwest states that have medical marijuana programs include Missouri and Ohio.

Here are the 5 things you need to know including a list of stores that sell marijuana in Illinois.

 1) Where can I buy marijuana in Illinois? These stores:

Recreational sales will start with existing medical marijuana dispensaries on January 1st.

Here’s the complete list of Illinois recreational dispensaries:

Cannabis stores in Chicago

Sunnyside, 3812 North Clark St.

Dispensary33, 5001 North Cl…. Read More

2019 Was a Big Year for Cannabis in Florida. Here’s What Happened and What Lies Ahead.

A marijuana lobbyist became the only statewide Democrat sworn into office. Smoking medical marijuana became legal in Florida. A new hemp program gave farmers statewide the optimism for a new cash crop. On the whole, 2019 proved to be a monumental year for cannabis in the state

In February, the state hired its first “cannabis czar,” in August the Miami-Dade State Attorney announced it will no longer prosecute minor marijuana cases and in October, two associates of Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani sought pot licenses in the state.

The New Year brings a whole new list of things to watch in the cannabis space, like a push to let 2020 voters decide to allow recreational marijuana in the state, a list of bills that could reform the Florida marijuana industry and a state Supreme Court decision that could be pivotal in shaping the marijuana licensing system for years to come.

– Read the entire article at Miami Herald.

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Veteran Conservative Mp Reveals Andrew Scheer Punished Him for Supporting Cannabis Legalization

Although there was some debate in caucus, no vote was ever taken on the party’s position. ‘Instead, the leadership simply imposed a decision from above’.

One of the longest serving Conservative MPs is urginghis party to return to its democratic grassroots, and has revealed a behind-the-scenes account of how he was fired from his critic role by leader Andrew Scheer for supporting the legalization of cannabis.

In an essay posted to his website, Scott Reid — who’s won his Ontario seat in seven straight elections going back to 2000 — says he’s not out to attack Scheer and supported him in the 2017 leadership race. Instead he’s telling the story of his firing because he feels the Conservatives have become too centralized and controlling of MPs.

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‘There’s Just No Money Coming in’: Cannabis Sector Bracing for Wave of Insolvencies in 2020

Oversupply, declining prices, and a slow rollout of stores in Ontario has led to consecutive quarters of weak revenue for many licensed producers.

Cannabis industry insiders are bracing for a slew of bankruptcies in the coming year as small and medium-sized companies low on cash struggle to raise funds in the downtrodden sector.

“We have had a busy few years, but next year we’re going to be busy for a different reason — we expect a few million dollars in legal fees from insolvencies and consolidation,” said Ranjeev Dhillon, a partner at McCarthy Tetrault LLP and the firm’s cannabis group lead.

Dhillon says that his team is already seeing companies that are heading down that path.

– Read the entire article at Financial Post.

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Quebec Raising Legal Age for Cannabis to 21 but Policy Experts Warn Law Won’t Have Intended Effect

Quebecers under the age of 21 won’t be able to buy or possess recreational cannabis as of Wednesday, ushering in the toughest age restrictions in the country since pot was legalized 14 months ago.

The Coalition Avenir Québec government passed legislation in the fall that upped the legal age for accessing cannabis from 18, citing the impact of cannabis on young minds in deciding to act.

But policy experts suggest restricting legal access to the drug for the segment of the population most likely to use the drug will not have the intended effect.

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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How Cannabis Helps This Runner’s Mind Stay as Healthy as His Body

I smoked more weed in 2019 than I did in 2018, and I also ran a faster marathon. Those two things are not connected, at least I don’t think so.

I also consumed less cannabis than I usually do in the buildup to my goal race, which was in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 8. The day was beautiful and the course was flat, through a park, and I had many friends on the sidelines. I ran the first half of my race slower than the second — this is called a negative split — so instead of losing speed as I neared the finish line, I actually sped up. I passed other racers who went out with an aggressive race plan that didn’t pay out. I finished in 3:05:32, quick enough to take 130th place, and maybe 1st place — who knows? — in terms of fastest marathon-running pothead.

I enjoy pot and running. Both things contribute to my mental health. Intensity is important in sports and life, but too much intensity, for me anyway, can backfire. Cannabis helps me exhale.

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First Time in Amsterdam? 12 Coffee Shop Etiquette Tips from the Locals

It’s easy to understand why a sizeable proportion of Amsterdam locals aren’t fond of tourists. Far from the basic coffee shop etiquette expected of guests, visitors to Amsterdam don’t always play by the rules. This is particularly true of for first-time cannabis tourists, for whom coffee shop etiquette often seems like a foreign concept.

On the plus side, keeping yourself in proprietors’ good books isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, it’s more a case of common sense than anything complex.  Coffee shop etiquette is all about behaving yourself, moderating your consumption and basic good manners.

So, for anyone heading out to Amsterdam for the first time, here are 12 coffeeshop etiquette tips source straight from the locals:

1.  Don’t buy illegal weed

First and foremost, don’t lose sight of the fact that selling and buying cannabis on the streets of Amsterdam is illegal. If you really want to annoy law abiding business owners, take your business to the black market. If you’d prefer to support the legal trade that’s made Amsterdam famous worldwide, buy exclusively from licensed coffeeshops.

2.  Expect to be carded

You need to be 18 or over to buy cannabis in Amsterdam. However, it’s not uncommon to

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Julian Marley on Losing His 11-Year-Old to Cancer: Medical Cannabis Should Be Easier to Access

If good cannabis-based medical products and well-trained doctors are hard to find for a member of the Marley family in the United States of America, what’s left for the rest of us, mortals?

This is a question everyone around Julian Marley asked over and over, as they watched him try to find alternative cures from Mother Earth for his 11-year-old daughter, Caveri, who was battling cancer at the time, and finding little to no effectiveness in traditional treatments.

Unfortunately, help didn’t arrive in time for Julian and his daughter. Uniformed doctors who discarded alternative approaches to treating cancer, people riding the CBD hype, regressive thinkers fighting against easy access to herb-based medicines… The odds stacked up against Caveri – as they did against her grandfather Bob Marley forty years ago, Julian says.

“A lot of fake people came in play, trying to promote themselves,” he discloses.

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