With Cannabis Now Legal In Virginia, Lawmakers Debate How To Set Up The Industry

Virginia lawmakers plan to take up a host of cannabis-related legislation this year in a narrowly divided General Assembly, following the body’s historic vote to legalize the drug for recreational use last year — when both the House of Delegates and the Senate were under Democratic control.

Last summer, then-Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed into law a measure making it legal for people 21 or older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to four marijuana plants in their household. But the complex legislation left it illegal to buy or sell cannabis, as retail sales were not slated to begin until 2024, giving the state time to build a regulated commercial market. Proposed legislation would allow some businesses to begin legally selling marijuana as soon as July 1.

The law includes a provision that requires the General Assembly to reenact certain aspects of the legislation during this year’s session, opening the door to significant changes to the law. Lawmakers in both the House, which Republicans now control after winning the majority in last fall’s elections, and the Senate, which is still under the control of Democrats, will consider cannabis-related bills that address such issues as a

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Cannabis Could Hold Key To Preventing Neurodegenerative Diseases Like Parkinson’s

Cannabis could hold the key to preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, according to new research.

Cannabis is also said to contain a chemical that protects brain cells against ageing.

The compound CBN (cannabinol) is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get people high.

Senior author Professor Pamela Maher said: “We’ve found cannabinol protects neurons from oxidative stress and cell death – two of the major contributors to Alzheimer’s.

– Read the entire article at Mirror News.

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Denver Native's App Aims to Incentivize Recycling at Marijuana Stores – Westword

Over 150 million tons of waste is produced by the cannabis industry per year, according to O’Neil Rudolph, a Denver native making moves on the sustainable side of the plant.

“That number just grows every single year it’s calculated, which is really unfortunate,” she says. “I think one of the biggest issues is that all of that waste that’s accumulated really goes to the landfill, when a lot of it is recyclable, compostable or even reusable, and dispensaries don’t have a direct system to actually sustainably dispose of that waste.”

Rudolph, who now lives in California, has been working to create a system that incentivizes recycling at dispensaries with an easy path to get involved. Her soon-to-launch company, Cannachange, will soon do that in Colorado and beyond.

Shoppers using Cannachange will be able to download and utilize the app on their phones, allowing them to track purchases at participating dispensaries and earn points for shopping credit. Customers who shop with a recyclable bag or return recyclable cannabis packaging to dispensaries will earn one point, with 25 Cannachange points gaining a $5 dispensary credit.

<a href="https://media1.westword.com/den/imager/u/original/13315348/cannachange_bin_1_.jpeg" rel="contentImg_gal-13314735" title="Cannachange's collection bin and recyclable shopping bag. – COURTESY OF CANNACHANGE" data-caption="Cannachange’s

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Cannabis Dispensary Roundup: Cresco Labs, High Tide, Khiron, Cordova Cann – Benzinga – Benzinga

Cresco Labs Opens 14th Florida Medical Cannabis Dispensary

On Thursday, Cresco Labs CL CRLBF opened another Sunnyside Clearwater marijuana dispensary in Florida. The new store, located at 19042 US Hwy 19 N, is the company’s 48th dispensary nationwide.

Cresco Labs expects to open a new Sunnyside in N. Miami (505 NE 125th St.) by the end of February, pending city approval.

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“Since entering Florida in April 2021, we’ve expanded patient access across Florida. It has been great seeing the reception to our Sunnyside dispensaries and we look forward to launching Cresco Labs’ portfolio of products shortly,” Charlie Bachtell, Cresco’s CEO & co-founder stated. “Over the course of 2022, we look forward to bringing Sunnyside to more patients throughout the state.”

Patients of the new store will have access to one of the largest selections of cannabis products and accessories, including One Plant’s top-selling, premium, hand-trimmed flower and solventless live rosin concentrates, as well as pre-rolls, vape cartridges, tinctures, lighters, rolling papers and more.

High Tide Announces Opening Of Two New Canna Cabana Locations In Regina


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North Dispensaries to Host a Medical Marijuana Card Patient Drive – Suburban Journals

WHO:              North Dispensaries with certifications by Dr. John Judd, CEO and Founder of GreenCert MD. Open to the public.

WHAT:            On Saturday, February 12, North Dispensaries will host a patient drive for people to obtain their Missouri medical marijuana card or get their card renewed. Anyone who becomes certified during this event will receive 40% off their first purchase with North. Those who are already medical marijuana patients and bring someone to get certified during the event will receive 20% off their next purchase at North. JeffGro and North teams will be handing out free merchandise, answering questions, and educating patients on a variety of cannabis topics. Patients will also be able to visit a variety of vendor booths.  

WHEN:            Saturday, February 12, from 12p.m. – 4:20p.m.

WHERE:          JeffGro

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Gavin Newsom Was the Face of Legal Cannabis in California. Can He Fix Its Problems? – Lost Coast Outpost

Cannabis plants at the Pure Beauty growing site in Sacramento on Jan. 26, 2022. Photo by Miguel Gutierrez Jr., CalMatters


When California voters legalized marijuana for recreational use in November 2016, it was also a victory for Gavin Newsom, who spent months traveling the state as the face of the campaign. At an election night party at a San Francisco nightclub, the then-lieutenant governor celebrated this “point of pride,” telling attendees that California had sent a “message powerfully to the rest of the nation.”

It was an important resume-building moment for Newsom, already deep into his first run for governor, who during decades in office has put himself at the forefront of political change. In a profile in Billboard magazine a few months later, he acknowledged that his legacy and that of Proposition 64, the legalization measure, were now tied together:

“Put it this way: Everything that goes wrong, you’re looking at the poster child.”

Five years later, Newsom is governor, and farmers, dispensary owners and other advocates are calling on him to rescue a legal market they say has been pushed to the brink of collapse by a steep drop in prices — and the inattention of a

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Royal Oak considers allowing pot dispensary to open across from school – WXYZ

ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN (WXYZ) — This is not the spot to make and sell your pot. That is the message Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, Superintendent of Oakland Schools, is sending a marijuana business that wants to open right across the street from a school serving only high school age students from around Oakland County.

Dr. Cook-Robinson sent a letter to all superintendents in the county on Thursday. She let them know that Royal Oak is considering allowing a marijuana business within 1000 feet of a campus their students use.

The Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast in Royal Oak serves about 700 students. They travel from their home school to OSTC for part of the day. They take classes in computer science, construction, culinary arts and other technical or vocational subjects. The campus allows schools around the county to team up and expand offerings.

“We are extensions of all 28 public high schools in Oakland County,” said Amy Gole, Dean at Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast.

“This is where they want to locate a facility that will sell marijuana, grow marijuana and process it,” said Dr. Cook-Robinson as she stood outside the school doors, pointing at a building across the street.

The plans for the Gatsby

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Ten “Must Haves” for Cannabis Businesses in 2022

I started as a lawyer in the cannabis industry in 2010. Twelve years in there has been immense progress and maturation at the business level for cannabis licensees. This post is dedicated to the top ten list of which arrows all cannabis companies, regardless of state, size, culture, or market share, must have in their business quivers in 2022.

     1.  Intellectual property

While you still can’t register trademarks with the USPTO for cannabis goods, there is now all kinds of intellectual property and brand strategy that goes into state law registration and registration for ancillary goods and services classes. Cannabis businesses need to keep these issues on their radar when crafting brand strategies. At the same time, however, they should not neglect the trademark basics. For a primer on those basis, check out our post here.

     2.  Insurance

Many states require some form of insurance or bond to be secured by cannabis licensees. At a minimum, licensees are often forced to get commercial general liability policies. There’s so much more protection though now for cannabis licensees than there was ten years ago. And given the rapid pace at which cannabis companies move and shake, they should

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