Branson Missouri’s first marijuana dispensary

BRANSON, Mo. – After a few months of anticipation, Green Light Dispensaries is officially the first medical marijuana facility in Branson. Travis Harp, a retail general manager for Green Light, said he hopes to expand on the former location of Lone Star Steakhouse by possibly adding a farmers market in the future.

“Here off Green Mountain Drive, so it’s a beautiful facility. We’re only using part of the potential that it could possibly be,” said Harp.

Inside the first hour of their grand opening today, lines were so long that some patients were waiting in line outside. Lance T. Brown spoke about his family after he made his first visit to the dispensary.

“Having gone through some experiences of loss with family and watching them suffer through cancer and different disease,” said Brown. “Everybody can use a little Green Light today.”

Medical marijuana card patients voiced how happy they were to have a new facility closer to home.

Studies by Harvard Health have shown that marijuana can help with various medical conditions such as anxiety, glaucoma and general pain. Harp hopes this new….Read More

Can you get med marijuana for anxiety in Missouri?

Ohio quietly OKs three new medical marijuana conditions

Three proposed additions to Ohio’s medical marijuana condition list were quietly OK’d by the Ohio State Medical Board earlier this year.

The board’s medical marijuana committee in February determined that three conditions were already covered by the existing qualification of pain that is chronic and severe or intractable.

Those conditions are: arthritis, chronic migraines and complex regional pain syndrome.

The medical board issued a memo two weeks ago confirming the conditions qualify under the existing list but hasn’t yet sent it to physicians. The memo will be shared in the monthly newsletter for physicians who have registered to recommend medical marijuana.

Committee members drew a distinction between occasional migraines and migraines that happen several days a month.

“It’s not like someone has a migraine once a year and it self-resolves and would be a candidate,” board member Dr. Amol Soin said in February. “I don’t think that’s the intention here.”

Every year, the medical board accepts submissions for new qualifying conditions to add to Ohio’s list of 22. Submissions must include evidence cannabis can be used to treat or alleviate the disease or condition and letters of support from physicians. The board has added just one…Read More

Can CBD Help Stop Snoring?

Can CBD oil be used to effectively stop snoring? There is some evidence that suggests that CBD might at least help to reduce snoring. In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about what causes snoring and how CBD might help.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is an active compound produced in the resinous flowers of the cannabis plant. A wide range of medicinal benefits has been attributed to CBD oil from reducing pain and anxiety to reducing seizures, and many more. What about snoring? Can CBD reduce snoring or eliminate it altogether?

Nearly half of all adults snore. And half of those suffer from chronic snoring. Even dogs and cats snore. And snorers are not the only ones suffering. Snoring also disturbs the slumber of bed partners.

There are often two victims of this exhausting condition — snorers themselves and their sleep mates. Worst affected are the partners who are constantly having to nudge their bedmate back to consciousness: Honey! You’re snoring AGAIN!! But we can even lose sleep if the snorer is down the hall. And, sadly, some snorers are near impossible to wake from their cacophonic symphony.

What Is That Noise?

Sometimes during sleep, the mouth can…Read More

Minnesota Lawmakers Approve Smokable Medical Marijuana As Broader Legalization Stalls

Over the weekend, a bicameral conference committee approved the reform, in addition to several other marijuana-related changes, as part of an omnibus health bill. The House adopted that report on Monday in a 77-57 vote, and the Senate followed suit in a 66-1 vote, sending it to the governor’s desk.

The most significant change to Minnesota’s medical cannabis program would allow adults 21 and older to access smokable marijuana products. If the final legislation is signed by the governor, that policy would have to take effect by March 1, 2022, or earlier if rules are developed and the state’s cannabis commissioner authorizes it.

Can smoking whole flower marijuana actually be good for you?

There are few remaining states that have medical cannabis programs in place but where smokable products are still prohibited. The Louisiana House approved a bill to allow access to flower products, and it’s heading to the Senate floor. In Alabama, the governor has a medical marijuana legalization bill on her desk that would include a ban on smokable cannabis.

Back in Minnesota, dispensaries could also provide a curbside pickup option for patients under the proposed omnibus legislation. The report further removes restrictions for designated caregivers and allows them to… Read More

Florida Ends Marijuana Testing For Boxers And MMA Fighters

The Florida Boxing Commission voted on Tuesday to remove marijuana from its list of banned substances, opening the door for combat sports fighters to use cannabis for non-performance enhancing purposes. The move follows recommendations from the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s new anti-doping policy announced earlier this year.

After the vote on Tuesday, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation spokesperson Patrick Fargason said that both boxers and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters would no longer be subject to drug screenings for cannabis in the state.

“We’re not testing for it,” Fargason told ESPN. “We’re not doing anything with it—period.”

Top 5 reasons to get a medical card in Florida

Fargason added that if a fighter appears to be visibly impaired by marijuana at a competition, the commission will intervene. But blanket screenings for cannabis use will no longer be employed. Under the previous policy, a positive test for even trace amounts of cannabis would subject fighters in Florida to suspension, fines and…Read Full Article Here

America’s Southern States are Embracing Medical Marijuana

Many of the nation’s medical marijuana holdouts are giving in as pot activists make inroads this year with conservative strongholds — and are poised to notch more wins in the coming weeks.

Medical marijuana bills are advancing in the Republican-controlled legislatures of North Carolina, Alabama and Kansas for the first time. Efforts to expand limited medical programs in bedrock conservative states like Texas and Louisiana also appear close to passage.

“Medical cannabis is where we see the most common ground between Democrats, Republicans and Independents,” said Heather Fazio, a pro-marijuana advocate in Texas, where lawmakers are considering a major expansion of the state’s strict medical pot program.

Cannabis is already available to more than 230 million Americans for medical use and, even in states without a medical program like North Carolina and South Carolina, recent polls have shown support topping 70 percent.

Many elected officials, however, have hesitated to follow suit. And even in a year when cannabis boosters saw big, broad wins on recreational legalization in places like New York and New Jersey, some states that have embraced full prohibition remain firmly planted.

Still, the progress in some Republican-controlled…. Read More