Go Green with a Booze-Free Cannabis Cocktail

Say you’re craving a refreshing, mellow drink, but aren’t in the mood for booze. Perhaps you’re just looking to switch up your standard go-to. Whatever the reason, consider riding the “green wave” with a cannabis-infused cocktail.

Whether you opt for cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabis-infused cocktails offer a delicious alternative to spirited pours. They’re also wonderfully customizable, allowing you to pick your infusion of choice.

In addition to cannabis, this drink from “The Herb Somm” Jamie Evans’ latest book, Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home, is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, thanks to fresh juices and herbs.

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Families Need Cannabis Prescriptions Support, Say Mps And Peers

The treatment was made legal with a prescription in 2018 for those with an “exceptional clinical need”.

But a cross-party letter from 100 politicians says only three NHS prescriptions have been given out since, forcing families to spend thousands on private treatments.

The government said it sympathised with those facing hard-to-treat conditions.

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Harrisville welcomes first marijuana dispensary – WBKB 11 – WBKB-TV

HARRISVILLE, Mich. In Harrisville, people lined up early to be the first to purchase legal marijuana from Consume Cannabis Company.

It’s the first provisional center in the city, and the community has welcomed the business with open arms.

“The community was looking forward to it as a building block for further economic development,” Mayor Jeffery Gehring said.

“I think it’s the best thing that this area has ever seen,” said John Schlicker, a customer and member of Northeast Michigan Normal. “I think it’s going to bring a lot of well needed tax revenue to the county.”

The city of Harrisville collects revenue from the taxes in marijuana sales. Mayor Gehring says their goal was to build the economy and attract other businesses to the area.

“I love it,” Gehring said. “It’s been a long time coming, a lot of people worked really hard.”

The dispensary is 21 and older and open to medical and recreational patients. Jacob Coward from Consume Cannabis says they look forward to meeting the needs of the community.

“What we find is that people have now a new avenue of relief,” Coward said. “Traditionally they didn’t have the means and access like this to go and find products that give them

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Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Says Cannabis Legalization Will Not Happen In The State

Wisconsin has been pushing for legal cannabis, but it looks like now, those hopes may be gone. The Senate leader has stated this week that they will not be making moves to legalize, as there is not enough support from Republicans to back it up.

“We don’t have support from the caucus. That’s pretty clear, that we don’t have 17 votes in the caucus for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes [to] legalize it,” Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu said regarding the decision.

LeMahieu is personally against the measure as a Republican, and in general, while some Republican senators support cannabis, there is not enough support across the board to be able to move forward.  

“I think that discussion needs to be done at the federal level and not have some rogue state doing it without actual science behind it,” LeMahieu said.

Currently, Republicans control the Wisconsin Senate at a rate of 20-12, soon to be 21-12 when Representative John Jagler, based in Watertown, joins the Senate after winning his special election. For this reason, it is difficult for things like COVID relief and regulation, legal cannabis, and other partisan issues normally backed by Democrats to be passed.

While nearly all the Senate Democrats in Wisconsin

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Keene | New Hampshire Public Radio – New Hampshire Public Radio

The state has granted approval for a medical marijuana dispensary to open in Keene.

Temescal Wellness plans to open the site Saturday at 69 Island Street, Suite 1. It will be open to patients currently registered with its Lebanon location.

The new location is possible under a 2018 law that sought to expand access to the state’s therapeutic cannabis program, which now enrolls over 11,000 patients.

Last week, Prime ATC opened a second dispensary on Route 4 in Chichester, which is part of a geographic area with its existing Merrimack location.

New Hampshire now has seven medical marijuana dispensaries statewide.

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Montana's dispensary owners and growers are weighing their futures as state lawmakers shape the regulations that will guide the marijuana industry. – Yahoo News

The New York Times

Has Texas Achieved Herd Immunity? “There Is No Way on God’s Green Earth,” Expert Says.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may have been overly optimistic Sunday when he said on Fox News that his state could be “very close” to herd immunity — the point where so much of the population is immune to COVID-19, either from being vaccinated or previously infected, that the virus can no longer spread. “When you look at the senior population, for example, more than 70% of our seniors have received a vaccine shot, more than 50% of those who are 50 to 65 have received a vaccine shot,” Abbott, a Republican, told Chris Wallace. Wallace had asked why statewide infection, hospitalization and death rates were more under control than in other states, despite Texas reopening many activities and eliminating mask mandates. “I don’t know what herd immunity is,” Abbott said, “but when you add that to the people who have immunity, it looks like it could be very close to herd immunity.” Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times Michael Osterholm, a public health researcher and director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy,

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Pekin adult use cannabis dispensary holds grand opening – week.com

PEKIN (WEEK) – The first adult use cannabis dispensary in Pekin has opened its doors.

Friday morning was the grand opening of Nuera, with Pekin Mayor Mark Luft in attendance for the ribbon cutting.

The dispensary is on Court Street next to Planet Fitness.

Nuera’s Principle Officer, Keith McGinnis said Friday and this weekend are predicted to be the busiest days for dispensaries throughout the United States, with this Tuesday being April 20th.

“The City of Pekin will be very happy with what ends up going in their coffers, periodically, quarterly and throughout the year,” said McGinnis.

Keith McGinnis said the amount of money they made at the Pekin location during two days of its soft opening, took them more than three months to make at their medical dispensaries.

“This is what I think the community needs to keep everybody organized and bring money into the communities school systems,” said Pekin resident, Doug Quade.

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Marijuana cultivators, dispensaries contribute to McKee and lawmakers who support legalization – The Providence Journal

Marijuana cultivators and dispensary representatives have been busy this month hosting fundraisers for the governor and other lawmakers supporting proposals to legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

On April 6, about 30 cultivators held a fundraiser for Gov. Dan McKee at Spain Restaurant, in Cranston.  

And this past Wednesday, Joseph Walsh, the former mayor of Warwick and lobbyist for the Summit dispensary in Warwick, hosted a virtual fundraiser for McKee on Zoom. About 20 business representatives appeared via computer, including those from the state’s existing three dispensaries. 

More:State Budget: McKee proposes legalizing recreational marijuana

Mike Trainor, spokesman for McKee’s election campaign, said the governor sees the cultivation and dispensing of marijuana as emerging small businesses and he “is interested in learning from participants in both sectors.” 

At the Spain event, attendees underwent rapid tests for COVID-19 prior to being seated at socially distanced tables, Trainor said. 

The governor took questions from the growers and explained his legalization bill, which projects 75 retail marijuana stores opening over three years beginning next spring (25 stores licensed each year) and supplied by the state’s current number of cultivators, about 63. 

In contrast a bill proposed by Senate leaders would allow for a minimum of three stores in every community (unless a town or city votes against hosting them) and would create a new cannabis control commission that, among other regulatory responsibilities, would determine the number of cultivators. 

5 Best Weed Dispensaries in Chicago to Stock up for 4/20 – UrbanMatter

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A St. Louis Medical Marijuana Dispensary Directory — Because We Love You – Riverfront Times

Life is pretty hard and confusing. So we here at the Riverfront Times have endeavored to smooth the way where we can. To that end, we’ve created a directory of medical marijuana dispensaries in St. Louis.

We’ve started with a list of what’s open now and all the need-to-know details, but the directory will continue to grow as we learn of new locations. There’s even an option to submit info about additional spots.

You’re also going to want to pay attention to Reeferfront Times, our new section dedicated to cannabis coverage. In print and online, you’ll find the work of pioneering correspondent Thomas “Tommy Chims” Chimchards (@TOMMYCHIMS on Twitter) as well as news from our staff and contributors. Life hack: Subscribe to our Reeferfront Times newsletter, and we’ll email the latest in RFT weed coverage straight to your inbox.

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