Cannabis Helps HIV/AIDS Patients

How Can Medical Marijuana Help HIV/AIDS Patients?


Human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is an incurable disease which destroys cells that fight disease and infection thereby weakening the immune system. As a result, HIV patients can suffer from a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms.

At this time, HIV is incurable. The best that an HIV patient can hope for is to prevent the progression of HIV becoming AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A treatment known as antiretroviral therapy (ART) is quite effective at slowing or stopping the progression of HIV, however these medications come with their own set of unpleasant side effects.

Could medical marijuana be useful in helping HIV/AIDS patients live longer and improve their quality of life? It turns out there are two ways in which the use of medical marijuana can help HIV/AIDS patients. First, it can help to delay …Read More at

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Arkansas [2020 Update]

AR – A marijuana card, or MedCard is a state issued identification card that enable qualified patients access to medical cannabis in a variety of forms from a registered dispensary. Issue 6 became effective on November 9, 2016, allowing cannabis for medical use throughout the state. The program is fully active and med marijuana cards in AR are being issued by the state. Here’s is the 2020 Complete on How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arkansas.

As a resident of the state, the process on how to get a medical marijuana card in Arkansas is a follows:

Step 1 – Qualify

A Patient may be entered into the Arkansas Department of Health Registry if they first:

Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition from a licensed doctor. They will provide you with a written certificate to get your AR marijuana card.

Qualifying Conditions for Legal Medical Marijuana in Arkansas:

Positive status for human immunodeficiency virus/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Hepatitis C      …

Kentucky’s First Step Towards Medical Marijuana Legalization

KY- A bill to make medical marijuana legal in Kentucky passed the state’s House of Representatives in a 65-30 vote on February 1st, 2020. All but two Democratic members of the House voted for, as did a the majority of Republican members present. The passage of HB 136 is a victory for medical patients suffering from several qualifying conditions as well as medical cannabis advocates in KY.

As it stands, the bill regulates and taxes medical marijuana sales, which would create great revenue for the state. Included in the bill is a ban on smoking medical marijuana, a provision allowing counties to opt out of the medical marijuana program, and a prohibition on public usage and homegrown plants.

Now the bill moves on to the Senate.

NFL Player Jailed In Texas On Marijuana Charge

NFL offensive tackle Greg Robinson remained in a West Texas jail without bond Wednesday after federal agents said they found 157 pounds (71.21 kilograms) of marijuana in a rented vehicle in which he and two other people were riding.

Robinson, 27, of Thibodeaux, Louisiana, and Jaquan Tyreke Bray, 26, of La Grange, Georgia, were in the El Paso County Detention Center after federal authorities charged them with conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute it. Both were held without bond pending an initial appearance before a U.S. magistrate judge.

If convicted, both could be sentenced to up to 20 years in federal prison. It was unclear from jail and federal court records if they had attorneys.

“We are aware of the report but will decline further comment,” an NFL spokesperson told NFL Media.

According to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday by the Drug Enforcement Administration and obtained by NFL Media, Robinson, Bray and an unidentified third person were driving from Los Angeles to Louisiana in a rented sport …Read More

CBD Analgesic Properties

It is no longer news that CBD is one of the most powerful medicinal compounds of medical marijuana. Therefore, just as medical marijuana is gaining popularity because of its medicinal values, so is CBD. Although CBD has great therapeutic potentials, its analgesic properties can never be overemphasized. The analgesic properties of CBD implies that CBD can alleviate or treat pain without resulting in loss of consciousness. It is apparent that many diseases and sicknesses including cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as neuropathy results in pain. Even though various medical conditions bring about different levels of pain, for most people, it affects their quality of life and well-being.

CBD’s analgesic properties are connected with its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by influencing the body to use its own cannabinoids more effectively. This interaction prevents the total breakdown of all the cannabinoids in the body, thereby allowing them to help manage the imbalance of the immune system and to equally keep the homeostasis of the body.

The findings from a few studies have proven …Read More

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Chronic Pain?

In today’s world, chronic pain has become common since it is associated with many medical conditions, including cancer, heart diseases, HIV/AIDS, past surgery, back injury, arthritis, migraine or infection and diabetes etc. In the United States of America, for instance, chronic pain is one of the leading causes of long term disability.

Even though most marijuana-based products are yet to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), marijuana is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to traditional pain relieving medications, especially opioids.

There is anecdotal evidence which suggests that marijuana and its compounds are helpful in the relief of some types of pains. Research has actually proven that both THC and CBD which are substances in cannabis do not only provide an effective relief from pain, but can equally be a safer choice than conventional medicine.

It is worthy to note that the efficacy of medical cannabis as analgesic lies in the endocannabinoid system, which is known to play a key role in how the human body regulates as well as manages pain. Even though …Read More

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common forms of mental disorders in Children. This condition is more common in boys than in girls and often discovered in the early years of school. Generally, children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder are likely to be hyperactive with the inability to control their impulses. Also, some children with ADD or ADHD may face difficulties in paying attention and this could go a long way to interfere with their behaviors both in school and at home. Even though ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in children, adults are sometimes affected.

According to a 2016 study that was published in PLOS ONE, medical marijuana could be an alternative treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. The study, which was conducted through a qualitative analysis of 55 separate forum threads revealed that an estimated 25 percent of the posters admitted to have experienced the therapeutic benefits with the use of cannabis in treating the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. The posters also claimed
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As The Effects And Benefits Of Cannabidiol become known, can you take to much CBD?

FDA warnings aside, CBD oil is considered by many medical professionals to be among the safest of natural supplements. No known cases of overdose have been attributed to CBD.

Although there was one claim that an infant died after being given CBD, the infant in question was quite ill, to begin with, and many experts suspect that an overdose of CBD was not the cause of death.

Nonetheless, when it comes to CBD oil, too much of a good thing can actually reduce CBD’s effects. In many cases, CBD exhibits what is known as a bell curve response. What this means is that it works best within a certain range of dosage. Below a certain dosage, effects will be minimal. Above the ideal dosage, you might not experience additional benefits. And in some cases, certain effects can even begin to …Read More

Missouri Marijuana Patients Can Now Possess Cannabis

According to the ones who matter on the state level, it is now legal to possess and use medical marijuana for qualified MO patients, just not buy it.

Cannabis stores in Missouri where patients with a state issued medical marijuana card will be able to buy THC and CBD products have not opened yet.  State health officials have now expressed support for patients right to posses marijuana for medical use, but this does not take into account where to get it, or condone purchasing cannabis illegally.

The St. Louis County Police Department recently issued a statement to The Riverfront Times clarifying that officers will not arrest state-approved marijuana patients who have come into possession of it.

“If individuals are in possession of marijuana and possess a valid and legal prescription we will uphold their constitutional rights and they will not be arrested,” wrote department spokeswoman Tracy Panus. “We will not arrest individuals based upon the assumption the marijuana was obtained illegally.”

The 192 approved dispensaries that were recently approved by the state are still months away from opening, with growing just getting started. The state’s top marijuana official, Lyndall Fraker, the Director of Medical Marijuana for the Department of Health and Senior Services, weighed-in on the  legal situation medical marijuana patients in Missouri are dealing with. He wrote in a January 28 letter that he had been moved to explain the DHSS’ understanding of the issue “at the request of several law enforcement entities and legislators.”

The Director of Medical Marijuanas letter stated… Read More