Cinderella 99 – Revealing An Enchanting High

The legendary Cinderella 99 may just be the strain your Fairy Godmother would bippity boppity boop into your grinder if you asked for something excellent. Sometimes called “C99,” “Cindy,” and “Cindy 99”, this sativa-dominant hybrid promises to whisk you away on a magical carriage ride into a world of creativity, energy, and sheer bliss. As the clock strikes 4:20, you’ll want to dive into the magic of Cinderella 99.

Let’s look at this strain a little more closely.

Cinderella 99 originates from the discovery of seeds within a 2-gram package of Sensi brand Jack Herer bought from an Amsterdam coffee shop by Rick Campanella, aka Mr. Soul. Particularly loved by indoor growers, C99’s draw comes from its compact, bushy stature, super short flowering period, majorly bountiful yields, and a high THC content.

Cracking open a bag of Cinderella 99, you’ll immediately be greeted by…

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Canadian Cannabis Insolvency Skyrockets Due To Taxes And Fees

According to George Smitherman, CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada, “insolvency is the result of a formula where taxes and fees squeeze out a big proportion of the overall price,” leaving cannabis companies with insufficient margins to accommodate excise taxes and regulatory fees.

In this article, we discuss how the Canadian government–alongside a changing industry landscape–have contributed to the troubled state of Canada’s cannabis market.

A recent review by MJBiz Daily revealed that two governmental bodies account for the majority of cannabis producers’ unpaid debts: the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which collects sales and excise taxes, and Health Canada, which imposes various regulatory fees.

From 2021 to 2022, the Canadian government collected over CA $1.5 billion from cannabis producers’ profits. And as the market begins to show signs of distress, insolvency rates are skyrocketing. As of March 2023, licensed cannabis producers owed over CA $192 million to the CRA in unpaid excise taxes, and nearly CA $4 million to Health Canada in unpaid regulatory fees.

Take, for example, Tantalus Labs, which recently filed a Notice of Intent for Restructuring, after racking up $8.4 million in debt to 92 creditors–of which $4.5 million was due to…

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LA Amnesia Cannabis Strain Review

LA Amnesia is a heavy-hitting, sativa-dominant hybrid known for its ability to boost mood, energy, and alertness. With staggering THC levels of 20-24%, this strain is highly potent, making it a favorite among experienced consumers seeking strong psychoactive effects, and among patients seeking high-powered symptom relief.

LA Amnesia delivers a long-lasting high that is widely described as euphoric, energizing, and invigorating, making it popular for daytime use, and for those seeking a strain to enhance focus and creativity. Simultaneously, LA Amnesia induces a pleasurable body high by reducing discomfort and relaxing the joints and muscles. And despite its potency, many consumers describe the LA Amnesia high as smooth, manageable, and even meditative.

Recreational perks aside, LA Amnesia has serious therapeutic potential, and its benefits make this strain a promising option for patients with a wide variety of conditions, including depression, pain, nausea, and fatigue.

These are just a few noteworthy aspects of this unique strain. Below, we discuss the full range of effects and benefits associated with LA Amnesia, providing everything you…

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Cali Cannabis Giant Herbl Seeks Recovery After Collapse

California-based cannabis distribution giant Herbl is seeking legal action to recover approximately $10 million owed by retailers, following the company’s fall into receivership in June. Concurrently, Sunset Connect, a former brand partner of Herbl, is suing to recover a six-figure debt that Herbl allegedly owes. This unfolding struggle within the prominent distribution company reflects broader concerns about the potential demise of more California cannabis businesses due to financial constraints affecting the state’s marijuana industry.

Herbl’s collapse highlights challenges posed by federal prohibition, preventing cannabis companies from using conventional remedies such as bankruptcy proceedings. The company’s situation underscores critics’ arguments against California’s mandatory distribution model and existing tax structure, particularly during a bear market where creditors seek swift returns or recall capital from cash-strapped businesses. This predicament, seen as a byproduct of the industry’s setup and current market trends, signals the possibility of more business failures due to the creditor crunch, further complicating the cannabis landscape.

Legal documents from Los Angeles and Orange counties reveal that Herbl has initiated…

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Cali Marijuana Industry Faces Debt And Tax Woes

The cannabis sector has struggled with mounting debt for years, and recent changes in tax laws have intensified the industry’s financial woes to a breaking point with business closures looming. A San Francisco lawmaker introduced legislation targeting pot businesses that default on their debt payments, signaling the severity of the situation. Debt problems have plagued the cannabis industry for some time, with a 2022 report revealing an astounding collective debt surpassing $600 million.

A significant tipping point was reached this year with a shift in tax law, transferring the responsibility of cannabis excise tax payments from distributors to retailers. This shift became evident with the first tax payments due on May 1, exposing a significant hurdle for many cannabis retailers.

State tax data indicates that retailers are struggling to pay their state excise taxes, especially by the May 1 deadline. Shockingly, more than 13% of California’s retailers, equivalent to 265 pot shops, failed to make any tax payment by this deadline, putting them at risk of a 50% penalty on their unpaid taxes. The figure might rise further, as the state….

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Florida Appeals Court Ruling Opens Door For Third-Party Menu Hosting

A three-judge panel from the 1st District Court of Appeal recently ruled in favor of e-commerce service providers, which include companies like FL Dispensaries, iHeart Jane and Nationwide Dispensaries.

Florida’s medical program has been frustrating for many thanks to its limited-license structure, which keeps the market largely dominated by huge multistate operators. Luckily, this development allows e-commerce platforms with dispensing services to get on board.

The backstory to this ruling is quite intriguing. Back in February of 2021, most, if not all, of Florida’s medical marijuana operators ceased using third-party services after regulators warned them of potential fines of up to $5,000 every time they got caught. The Florida Department of Health argued that online cannabis e-commerce companies were violating a state law that prohibited third-party cannabis service providers.

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Strain Review: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is everywhere, man. It’s one of those classic strains that a lot of people skip at the dispensary in favor of strains with names like Titty Sprinkles or Purple Monkey Balls that check in at double the average potency. And at risk of sounding like every other person on the internet writing strain reviews, Blue Dream deserves attention. So I set out to get my hands on some.

Let me tell you; it wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Blue Dream is one of the most counterfeit strains out there. Back in the golden days, when legalization was just beginning to spread, it didn’t matter where weed was sourced. You could get it from some dude growing dope in his basement and sell it as medicine in your dispensary. There’s a huge chance the guy himself didn’t even know what it was and would give it a familiar name like Blue Dream— or, y’know, Girl Scout Cookies, AK-47, and so….

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Over Half of America Has Tried Pot!

Yep— you read that right. A record high of 50% of American people have tried weed at some point in their lives, which is a drastic increase from the 4% of people who tried weed back in 1969 at the height of prohibition.

Conducted between July 3rd and 27th of 2023, Gallup’s recent Consumption Habits survey found a surge in the percentage of Americans who have experimented with weed, along with those who currently use it.

These trends have ignited discussions about their potential implications for future cannabis legalization efforts, with experts suggesting that increasing acceptance of marijuana use could lead to heightened support for legalization. Here’s a breakdown of the findings:

  • A record high of 50% of Americans acknowledged trying marijuana at some point in their lives, signaling a steady increase over a quarter-century period.
  • This figure is notably higher than the 45% reported in both 2017 and 2019, representing a significant shift in attitudes over a relatively short period.
  • Furthermore, Gallup’s survey revealed that approximately 17% of…

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Alabama Cannabis Commission Voids & Awards New Licenses

Medical cannabis in Alabama has been moving at a snail’s pace since 2021. While it’s taken years for it to finally make its way into daily life, things are starting to look up and Alabama residents might have access to their medicine by 2024.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) had a hiccup recently when they realized there were some scoring discrepancies for the applicants and ultimately decided to scrap the licenses they’d awarded on June 12th. On August 10, 2023, the AMCC met up again and handed out new licenses to some lucky winners. Who got the golden tickets? Here’s the rundown:

Integrated Facility Licenses (Allowed to cultivate, process and distribute medical cannabis)

  • Insa Alabama, LLC
  • Flowerwood Medical Cannabis, LLC
  • Southeast Cannabis Company, LLC
  • Sustainable Alabama, LLC
  • TheraTrue Alabama, LLC

Cultivator License (Allowed to cultivate medical cannabis)

  • Gulf Shore Remedies, LLC
  • Pure by Sirmon Farms, LLC
  • Blackberry Farms, LLC

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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue, Aka “Original Glue” (GG)

Gorilla Glue has gained nationwide popularity as a potent, indica-dominant hybrid known for its relaxing, stress reducing effects. Since the strain’s introduction in 2010, cannabis breeders have created various iterations of the strain, a sign of its enduring popularity among consumers and growers alike. In this article, we’ll focus on the original Gorilla Glue strain, which is available at a variety of Nationwide Dispensary locations.

Gorilla Glue is one of the most popular strains on the market today, known to deliver an intensely pleasurable body buzz, while melting away stress and discomfort for the ultimate couchlock effect. This strain leaves consumers feeling comfortable, tranquil, and content. With powerful pain relieving and anti-inflammatory compounds–accompanied by stress-reducing and mood-boosting terpenes–Gorilla Glue is a popular option for patients managing various forms of discomfort, depression, stress, and insomnia.

Below, we discuss the full range of effects and benefits associated with Gorilla Glue, providing everything you need to know about this indica-dominant hybrid. In collecting this information, we’ve combined hundreds of reviews from real consumers, with…

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