Florida Appeals Court Ruling Opens Door For Third-Party Menu Hosting

A three-judge panel from the 1st District Court of Appeal recently ruled in favor of e-commerce service providers, which include companies like FL Dispensaries, iHeart Jane and Nationwide Dispensaries.

Florida’s medical program has been frustrating for many thanks to its limited-license structure, which keeps the market largely dominated by huge multistate operators. Luckily, this development allows e-commerce platforms with dispensing services to get on board.

The backstory to this ruling is quite intriguing. Back in February of 2021, most, if not all, of Florida’s medical marijuana operators ceased using third-party services after regulators warned them of potential fines of up to $5,000 every time they got caught. The Florida Department of Health argued that online cannabis e-commerce companies were violating a state law that prohibited third-party cannabis service providers.

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