Now Available: Supernaturals Pre-Rolls at Silk Road NYC Dispensary in Jamaica, Queens –

Silk Road NYC Dispensary in Jamaica, Queens, is excited to unveil its latest offering: Supernaturals New York Pre-Rolls. These premium cannabis products are now available, setting a new standard for sustainability and quality within the local market.

Supernaturals New York is at the forefront of the sustainable cannabis movement, producing pre-rolls that exemplify the best practices in environmental stewardship. Grown without chemicals and nurtured in living soils under natural sunlight, the plants used for these pre-rolls benefit from the Mid Hudson Valley’s optimal growing conditions. This not only ensures a product free from harmful substances but also supports the ecosystem in which they are cultivated.

Silk Road NYC’s newest inventory addition offers several distinctive features:

Sustainable Practices: These pre-rolls are produced with a commitment to environmental responsibility, supporting the health of the planet. High Potency and Quality: Crafted from cured, whole flowers, each pre-roll delivers robust flavors and potent effects, satisfying even the most discerning consumers. Rich Flavor Profile: The meticulous process of curing the cannabis maximizes the preservation of terpenes and flavors, providing a superior smoking experience.

As a leading dispensary in Queens, Silk Road NYC is dedicated to providing an educational and enriching experience for all

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