How Does Medical Marijuana Help With and Treat Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse – MedCard

For some time, the use of marijuana in treating medical conditions has been a controversial topic in the medical community. The reason is that while some well-respected doctors are advocating for its use, others are more concerned about its addictive properties as well as long term effects. Some researchers have however focused on exploring the potential of marijuana as treatment for chronic diseases like cancer and AIDS, whereas recent studies are focusing their efforts on the effects of marijuana on alcoholism.

Recall that the conventional western model of treating alcoholism has been statistically proven to have a poor success rate as an estimated half of individuals who begin an addiction treatment program often relapse within a period of six months. Well, the truth is that for alcoholics, the only real choice of emerging victorious over their affliction is to quit drinking in its entirety. This therefore explains why many forward thinking recovery programs have been replacing the daily use of alcohol with that of medicinal marijuana.

There are however shreds of evidences that marijuana may be useful in combating alcoholism as well as cocaine cravings. That said, cannabis aided alcoholism recovery is commonly known as…..


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