5 Most Popular Marijuana Stocks on the Market Right Now

What are the most popular marijuana stocks on the market right now? It depends on how you measure popularity.

Probably the best way to evaluate the popularity of a stock is to look at its average daily trading volume. This number provides a great barometer of investor interest in a given stock. You might argue that some very unpopular stocks could have high average trading volumes as investors sell off the stock. While that might be true, remember that there’s a buyer on the other end of every one of those transactions.

Based on average trading volume, the most popular marijuana stocks on the market right now are Aphria (NYSE: APHA), Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB), Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC), Cronos Group (NASDAQ: CRON), and HEXO (NYSEMKT: HEXO) (TSX: HEXO). This list, by the way, is in alphabetical order and only includes the stocks of companies with a primary focus in the cannabis industry. You might be surprised at how these marijuana stocks rank in terms of their popularity based on average trading volumes, though.

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Cannabis Acceptance Will Increase With Rollout of New Products

Health Canada recently released new regulations which set the stage for the next wave of cannabis legalization.

Starting late this year, regulations will permit various new forms for the consumption of cannabis such as edibles, drinkables, topicals, and vape pens, moving the industry towards more consumer-packaged goods and away from our current limited legal offerings.

I firmly believe that this is key to reducing the stigma around cannabis and encouraging a broader acceptance of the drug.

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Mould: Why It Happens, How to Avoid It

You’ll face the biggest risk of your cannabis to succumbing to mould during the drying and curing process. But even when you’ve bagged yourself a batch of the final product, there’s still every chance mould will make an unwelcome appearance. And when it does, you could be staring disaster square in the eye.

If you’ve ever wondered where mould comes from and how it does its business on pot, you’re far from the only one. The good news being that in this day and age, cannabis storage solutions are leaps and bounds ahead of their more dated counterparts. In fact, it’s actually pretty easy these days to keep your cannabis fresh for a decent period of time at least.

Still, mould will occasionally rear its ugly head and you therefore need to know how to both prevent and identify it. Which is precisely what we’ll be looking at here – a 411 introduction to one of the biggest and most common headaches plaguing pot communities all over the world.

How Long Can You Keep Your Cannabis Fresh?

Realistically, how long can you expect to preserve the freshness of your cannabis? An important question, but one that has a multitude

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Public Cannabis Consumption Now Allowed in Colombia: Is Full Marijuana Legalization Next?

It’s been seven years since Colombia decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis and other illicit drugs, and about three years since the South American country legalized medical cannabis – and while home cultivation for personal use is allowed, recreational cannabis remains illegal to date.

In another big step for a country blessed with the ideal conditions to grow marijuana, the legal framework and labor costs needed to make it profitable, and an export quota second to none – which represents more than 25 percent of the world’s total cannabis that can be traded worldwide, Colombia’s Constitutional Court overruled a ban on the public consumption of cannabis this week – as reported by L.A. Weekly’s Cannabis Editor Michael Miller.

Creating A ‘Fair And Reasonable Regulatory Regime’.

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Head Shops Left Behind by Cannabis Legalization Worry for Their Future

Fred Pattison’s head shop on Calgary’s 17 Ave. S.E. is stacked to the ceiling with pipes and bongs.

The clean, spacious store has blue-trimmed white walls and a kitschy mural of the city with a Canadian flag behind one of the display cases.

It could be a cannabis lover’s dream, except for one problem: He’s not allowed to sell cannabis.

“With every second customer, it’s a walkout, because we don’t have cannabis,” he said.

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Cannabis in Ancient China, Part 1: Ma, plant of the Tao

CANNABIS CULTURE -Recent news stories about the discovery of a 2,500 yr old cannabis burning brazier from China, have inspired me to take a further look at cannabis long and controversial history in this area in a two part article. The first part will deal with cannabis’ role with the indigenous Han Chinese, its medicinal references in ancient China, and its role in Taoism. The second part which will follow in a couple of weeks, will discuss the recent archeological finds of resinous female cannabis among the Indo-European Gushi culture, who lived in China from 2,000-400 BCE, including the wood brazier being touted in the news recently as the first identifiable proof of cannabis with high THC content being burnt and inhaled.

[Excerpted from Cannabis and the Soma Solution, 2010)

Thought by some botanists to be the original home of undomesticated cannabis, in Asia Hemp use dates back far into the Stone Age, with hemp fibre imprints found in pottery shards in Taiwan, just off the coast of mainland China, that were over 10,000 years old. Alongside these shards were found long rod shaped tools, similar to those used in mainland China in later times to decord hemp. As well,

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What’s a Moon Rock (and Should You Care?)

If you’re even a casual cannabis consumer, you’ll have probably heard the term ‘moon rocks’ doing the rounds. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’ve a clue what they are, what they do or whether you should care.

As far as advocates are concerned, however, it’s a pretty cut and shut deal.

What Are Moon Rocks?

You need only consider the composition of moon rocks to understand exactly what you’re looking at. Moon Rocks are made by taking potent buds of high-quality weed, before dipping them in hash oil and adding a final coating of kief. The result of which is one of the most explosively powerful bud-bombs imaginable, with a THC content that often exceeds 50%.

Which is, as you’ve probably figured out, more than twice the THC of even the strongest strains out there.

Unsurprisingly, the true origins of Moon rRcks are somewhat disputed. Nevertheless, West Coast rapper Kurupt is credited with bringing Moon Rocks to the attention of the mainstream market, having released the first commercial Moon Rocks under the moniker of ‘Kurupt Moonrocks’. The commercial cannabis market have been flooded with hundreds of variations on the original formula ever since.

As you’d expect, quality and potency varies

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Poll: Strong Majority of Florida Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana

According to newly released polling, well over 50% of voters in Florida support legalizing marijuana for all uses.

According to the new Quinnipiac University poll, 65% of Florida voters support legalizing the personal possession of small amounts of marijuana, similar to what has been done in 10 other states plus the District of Columbia. Quinnipiac notes that this is, by far, an “all-time high” in the state for legalization support.

Karen Seeb Goldstein, vice chair of Regulate Florida which is pushing for an initiative to legalize marijuana, says the poll numbers give those involved in the legalization effort added confidence and reflects what Regulate Florida volunteers are seeing out in the field, reports Reuters. She suggests the Quinnipiac numbers might be low.

“We’re not surprised by that,” said Goldstein. “The stigma surrounding marijuana, cannabis, whatever you prefer, the whole negative myth about it has been disproven as more and more people become accustomed to it. They are learning about the medicinal benefits and the lack of harm.

“People are very enthusiastic,” Goldstein added. “We are getting amazing positive feedback. All we have to do is mention adult use of marijuana and they line up to sign it.”

To get

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California Officials Launch Campaign to Combat Illicit Cannabis Market

California cannabis regulators launched a new campaign on Friday that aims to combat the illicit marijuana market by educating consumers about the risks of unlicensed operators. Lori Ajax, the Chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), said in a press release that the statewide “Get #weedwise” public information program will encourage consumers to only purchase cannabis products from licensed businesses and serve as a warning to unlicensed companies to submit to regulation.

“This public education campaign is the first to focus on educating consumers about the differences between cannabis purchased from licensed retailers and that from illegal businesses,” said Ajax.

What’s in Your Weed?

Through the campaign, the BCC hopes to remind consumers that cannabis products that are purchased through licensed dispensaries have been lab tested for purity, safety, and potency.

“What’s in your weed shouldn’t be a mystery. Shop licensed cannabis retailers only,” reads one ad in the new program.

The BCC said that the “Get #weedwise” campaign will include outreach to warn consumers of the risks associated with purchasing cannabis from unlicensed outlets and education for businesses on the need to be licensed by the state and comply with regulations enacted by local jurisdictions.

“We believe that

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Prosecutor Issues Warning About Cannabis Edibles That Look Like Normal Candy

Halloween is still months away. But in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart says Trick or Treat will never be the same. On Thursday, Stuart’s office in the Southern District of West Virginia issued a public health alert about THC-infused edibles. The alert warns about cannabis edibles that look like normal candy, saying they pose a potential hazard to kids. The alert stems from a June 15 drug interdiction that intercepted 7.5 pounds of cannabis-infused candy traveling through Kentucky. The statement issued by the prosecutor’s office provides an image comparing the intercepted edibles to the popular Nerds Rope candy.

US Attorney Says THC Candy is “All Trick and No Treat”

United States Attorney Mike Stuart is warning the West Virginia public that THC-infused edibles are being packaged in a manner that is appealing to kids. The public health alert comes just days after members of an Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (AHIDTA) task force intercepted a parcel containing several pounds of marijuana edibles. In a bulletin announcing the seizure, AHIDTA stated that the parcel had originated in Mill Valley, California and was on its way to Coconut Creek, Florida when the task force intercepted it in Kentucky.


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