Cannabis Insiders Smoke Out 420’s Biggest Trends And Challenges


Saturday is a green letter day on the cannabis calendar.

Folks in the 41 states where marijuana is either recreationally or medically legal will be partaking in 420 this Saturday — a pot-oriented equivalent to “hangover holidays” like the boozy American versions of St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo.

“Envision this: The air filled with the aroma of premium cannabis, intertwined with laughter and camaraderie,” former pro wrestler Ric Flair told HuffPost. “420 is a day that transcends mere tokes; it’s a voyage into heightened serenity, a revelry in life’s luxuries: styling, profiling, limousine-riding, and jet-flying!”


Flair — who, like many celebrities, has his own cannabis line — will be celebrating 420 by promoting said bud brand at a dispensary in Valley Glen, California.

Meanwhile, fellow athlete-turned-pot-entrepreneur Mike Tyson will be at a 420 activation event in New York’s Times Square.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity with a personalized pot brand to be high on 420, according to Lauren Fontein, founder of The Artist Tree, a California-based chain of cannabis stores and one consumption lounge.

Along with specials, Fontein said, her lounge in West Hollywood will have a hosted dab bar, a bong bar, a tie-dye station and

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