Cali Cannabis Giant Herbl Seeks Recovery After Collapse

California-based cannabis distribution giant Herbl is seeking legal action to recover approximately $10 million owed by retailers, following the company’s fall into receivership in June. Concurrently, Sunset Connect, a former brand partner of Herbl, is suing to recover a six-figure debt that Herbl allegedly owes. This unfolding struggle within the prominent distribution company reflects broader concerns about the potential demise of more California cannabis businesses due to financial constraints affecting the state’s marijuana industry.

Herbl’s collapse highlights challenges posed by federal prohibition, preventing cannabis companies from using conventional remedies such as bankruptcy proceedings. The company’s situation underscores critics’ arguments against California’s mandatory distribution model and existing tax structure, particularly during a bear market where creditors seek swift returns or recall capital from cash-strapped businesses. This predicament, seen as a byproduct of the industry’s setup and current market trends, signals the possibility of more business failures due to the creditor crunch, further complicating the cannabis landscape.

Legal documents from Los Angeles and Orange counties reveal that Herbl has initiated…

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