Medical Marihuana in Mexico

Have you ever heard of a Reefer Madness sandwich? That’s the prohibitionist United States of America sandwiched between Canada and Mexico — two of the world’s largest marijuana markets.
While Canada’s program has been baking for a few years now, Mexico’s medical marijuana program is fresh out of the oven. Mexico’s medical marijuana program is actually a few years old already. Back in 2017, former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a mandate to legalize medical marijuana.
Then it took three years to develop regulations. And that’s only because in 2019, the Mexican Supreme Court ordered the country’s Regulatory Agencies to get off the pot and develop medical marijuana rules. And desert — recreational legalization — is expected to come sometime in mid-2021. Could the U.S. be serving up legal marijuana next?
About Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Program
Recently, Mexico’s health ministry unveiled a regulatory framework for the country’s medical marijuana program. We’re not talking about medical marijuana patients growing their own weed — yet.
Only pharmaceutical companies will be permitted to produce marijuana-derived drugs and cannabis-infused medicines. Out of the gate, the program allows pharmaceutical companies…