Strain Review: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is everywhere, man. It’s one of those classic strains that a lot of people skip at the dispensary in favor of strains with names like Titty Sprinkles or Purple Monkey Balls that check in at double the average potency. And at risk of sounding like every other person on the internet writing strain reviews, Blue Dream deserves attention. So I set out to get my hands on some.

Let me tell you; it wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Blue Dream is one of the most counterfeit strains out there. Back in the golden days, when legalization was just beginning to spread, it didn’t matter where weed was sourced. You could get it from some dude growing dope in his basement and sell it as medicine in your dispensary. There’s a huge chance the guy himself didn’t even know what it was and would give it a familiar name like Blue Dream— or, y’know, Girl Scout Cookies, AK-47, and so….

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