I’m a Psychedelics Lawyer, Ask Me Anything

We are excited to announce that Harris Bricken attorney, Vince Sliwoski, will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Tuesday, November 30th at 4pm EST / 1pm PST to discuss psychedelics.

Join the conversation HERE. And make sure you submit your questions during the session! 

If you can’t wait for the AMA, you can also check out our extensive archive of psychedelic law posts here. See you soon!

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Medical marijuana industry growing in Oklahoma, 'changing lives' – Enid News & Eagle

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ENID, Okla. — Without taking any type of medications, Brian Clark’s pain level, on a scale from one to 10, is an eight.

Using medical marijuana for pain related to scoliosis cuts his pain in half to a four, which allows him to go about his daily activities and go to work where he is on his feet for several hours a day.

“It’s never 100%, but it makes a difference, and that’s what I’m grateful for — anything that can at least knock it down a few more notches than ibuprofen does,” Clark said.

Growing like a weed

Medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma after the passage of State Question 788 in June 2018.

Adria Berry, executive director of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, said the Oklahoma State Department of Health was given 60 days to begin issuing medical marijuana licenses, which created a “chaotic situation.”

“Sixty days to set up a whole agency was a really, really short period of time, … and I think we’re just now able to get a little bit of relief on the payoffs and start being proactive,”

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Western Fair Embraces Agriculture Roots With A Whole New Crop: Marijuana

A conference and expo at the Western Fair District next year will showcase innovations and opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry in Southwestern Ontario.

“We think the sky’s the limit,” Greg Blanchard, director of sales and retail at the Western Fair Association, said of the new partnership with CannabisWiki.

The London-based cannabis media start-up is bringing the CannabisWiki Expo to the Western Fair District next summer, the region’s first such event.

– Read the entire article at The London Free Press.

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DMT Therapy: Coming to a Clinic Near You?

DMT, or N, N-dimethyltryptamine is a powerful psychedelic. DMT, like its sister psychedelics (LSD, MDMA, psilocybin … and even marijuana), is a Schedule I controlled substance. So according to the DEA, its abuse potential is high and it has no medical use. Also, according to the DEA, “the history of human experience probably goes back several hundred years since DMT usage is associated with a number of religious practices and rituals.” Indeed, DMT is the active ingredient in ayahuasca and has been used by indigenous communities in the Amazon for centuries; here, the past few decades have seen a resurgence in the use of DMT and/or ayahuasca ceremonies by non-indigenous persons.

Notwithstanding its dubious distinction as a Schedule I drug, DMT increasingly is the subject of study for its potential efficacy in treating a wide array of mental-health conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This research—as with psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, ibogaine etc.—is expanding rapidly as numerous neuropharmaceutical companies look to be among the first-to-market potentially revolutionary therapies.

Just last month, Small Pharma, a neuropharmaceutical company, announced that that it has been granted an Innovation Passport Designation by the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency for one of its DMT

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Animal Crossing players are “growing” weed and making dispensaries – Polygon

People have been making cannabis dispensaries in Animal Crossing for a long time. I mean, the last game was called Animal Crossing: New Leaf — and then there’s Leif, the gardener and arborist who always asks if he can buy weed(s) off your island. With New Horizons’ custom designs, you make whatever the hell you want, and players would customize stands and panels for the right vibe. But the 2.0 update has introduced a few choice items that have allowed players to further upgrade their dispensary setups.

First, there’s the new schefflera plant — it’s not a marijuana plant, but it looks close enough to pass as one. Definitely closer than any plant that came before it. (Fun fact: the schefflera is also known as a “money tree” in some cultures, signaling prosperity of a different sort.)

Cluster these plants and combine them with convincing accent walls, furniture items, and the Happy Home Paradise DLC’s overheat lighting, and you’ve got Animal Crossing players growing their own weed — stocking their dispensaries with the best cannabinoids and terpenes New Horizons has to offer.

And then there’s Whistloid, one of the 2.0 update’s gyroids that definitely does not look like a

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Parker woman assaulted walking out of marijuana dispensary – The Denver Channel

AURORA, Colo. — Deserea Franz is covered in cuts and bruises after she was robbed and assaulted when she was leaving a Lightshade Dispensary in Aurora on Tuesday.

“I was approached by a woman… who came out of a running car and asked if I had a lighter,” Franz said. “I said, ‘I don’t,’ And then, in a flash, she grabbed my purchase bag and my hand and pulled me into the car.”

The driver of the car immediately sped off with her halfway out of the car. Franz says she was dragged more than 50 feet before the thief let go of her arm.

“I was trying to keep up the best I could with my feet, and then they started to accelerate so fast that I was literally being dragged on the ground until she finally let go of my arm,” Franz said. “I just felt really, really scared. I was afraid for my life.”

She reported the assault to the Aurora Police Department who say they are investigating what happened. But she is still startled about the incident.

“I hope that the person, the people involved in this get held accountable for what they did. And I hope that

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Drake Is Opening A Weed Dispensary In Ontario This Weekend, But Not In Toronto – Narcity Canada

If you’re an OVO diehard that is obsessed with everything Drake does, then you probably love living in the 6ix — unless, of course, you want to smoke his weed.

In September, the flagship store for the Toronto icon’s new cannabis brand, Bullrider, announced it will be opening in Brampton, which seems like an odd move for the guy who coined the phrase “the 6ix.”*

The store, which is located at 67 Selby Rd., is set to host its grand opening on November 27 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.*

The event will include a collaboration with Ozzy’s Burgers and allow customers to score special deals on products.

The launch of the cannabis brand, which is named after its namesake strain, Afghani Bullrider, marks Drake’s latest partnership with longtime producer and OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib.

Shebib revealed in a press release back in October that the business endeavour is incredibly close to his heart because of cannabis’s healing effect on his multiple sclerosis.

“My involvement with Bullrider stems from the urge to help consumers access high-grade strains with the same recreational therapeutic benefits that I’ve been able to enjoy,” 40 said.

“It’s not just another cannabis brand, Bullrider has a deep reverence for quality cannabis

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Five Years After Legalization, Cannabis Is Thriving In Massachusetts

Massachusetts had already legalized medical marijuana when voters were faced with another question in late 2016: whether to legalize cannabis for recreational use. The vote wasn’t close, sailing through on talk of jobs, tax revenue, and, well, people wanting to light up legally. Reality doesn’t always live up to promise, but in this case, it has. Yes, the industry is still facing growing pains, particularly when it comes to creating a level playing field for entrepreneurs. But when it comes to this new industry’s impact on jobs, real-estate investment, municipal tax revenue, and more, these are truly high times.

David Narkewicz wasn’t just a supporter of cannabis coming to Northampton. He was the first customer.

That was three years ago, when NETA opened on Conz Street and became the state’s very first dispensary for legal, recreational cannabis. Today, with cannabis businesses proliferating in the city and across Massachusetts, the outgoing mayor believes his initial enthusiasm was justified.

– Read the entire article at Business West.

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Drake chooses Brampton instead of Toronto for location of his first cannabis dispensary – blogTO

Drake has opened his first ever cannabis dispensary, but in a surprising location: Brampton, rather than Toronto.

The store is called Bullrider Cannabis, and rapper Drake is opening it with his OVO co-founder Noah “40” Shebib.

The store is decorated with art by Kwest, also behind Drake album art, as well as steel armature sculptures.

“Bullrider has existed for and because of continual improvement. It’s helped people do more and feel better,” reads the Bullrider site.

“At the heart of Bullrider is the convergence of street art, hip-hop and limited premium cannabis product offering.”

The site notes that the company is also based in Toronto, but the flagship store has opened at 67 Selby Rd. in Brampton and only offers delivery to Brampton and Mississauga.

“Brampton fits our cannabis farmgate model so that we can grow and sell onsite. It’s also close to major hubs, Mississauga and Vaughan, both of which do not have any cannabis retail presence,” Max Zavet, chairman for Bullrider Cannabis, tells blogTO.

“Toronto is coming soon. We are excited to offer one of the most iconic cultivars in Canada, the Afghani Bullrider, right from harvest to retail.”

Check out their menu, and they’ve got the full range of cannabis

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