Ascend Cannabis To Exit Montclair for Wharton – Montclair Local

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Ascend Cannabis Dispensary (KATE ALBRIGHT/FILE PHOTO)

Ascend Cannabis has announced plans to leave Montclair only a little over a year after becoming Montclair’s first adult-use recreational dispensary.  Ascend plans to move to Wharton, more than 20 miles away and nearly an hour drive from its current location at 395 Bloomfield Ave.  

“We are excited to serve the customers in Wharton in a currently underserved market,” said Rebecca Koar, executive vice president of investor relations and strategy for Ascend Wellness Relations. Koar cited reasons for the move, stating there is “a bit more competition in Montclair” and that parking was a problem. “In Wharton, we will have plenty of parking and the opportunity to serve an underserved community,” she said. The move to Wharton is expected in late summer or early fall of next year.

Steps away from Ascend is the

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