Breaking Down the Bud: How long before recreational marijuana goes on sale in Ohio? – Cleveland 19 News

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – While recreational marijuana will become legal in Ohio on December 7th, sales will not begin until at least the fall of 2024.

This is due to the lengthy process of creating and implementing the rules and regulations for the recreational marijuana industry.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s newly formed Cannabis Control Division will be responsible for overseeing the licensing process for cultivators, processors, and dispensaries.

The approval process for licenses is lengthy and competitive, and there’s only a limited number of licenses available.

The division will have nine months to start issuing licenses, which will be categorized into three levels: Level 1 and Level 2 Adult Use Cultivator Licenses, Adult Use Processor Licenses, and Adult Use Dispensary Licenses.

Level 1 and Level 2 Adult Use Cultivator Licenses allow licensees to either grow and distribute marijuana to other cannabis operators or acquire seeds, clone plants, and other cultivation materials. However, licensees can only choose one of these options.

Level 3 Adult Use Cultivator Licenses, on the other hand, allow licensees to engage in all of these activities.

Adult Use Processor Licenses allow licensees to purchase marijuana from licensed operators and process it into edibles and other consumable products for distribution.

Adult Use Dispensary Licenses allow

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